Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Locals Report - 02/03/13

We only had 7 people in our tournament on Sunday (at my second locals place), but we did five rounds of swiss and then a cut to Top 4. I honestly don't want to go into too much detail, so we're going to super-summarize this entry. First, my build:

So you can see that I basically cut Herald of Orange and Tragoedia for a pair of Battle Faders. Since we're not going into detail, let me just say that these distinctly won me round 1 and 5. Also, as always note that in real life the Daigusto Phoenix was a copy of Dark Mist. So let's do our short round up:

Round 1 vs Genex Mermails: WIN
Round 2 vs Hero Beat: LOSE
Round 3 vs Machina Geargia: WIN
Round 4 vs Dino Rabbit: LOSE
Round 5 vs Dark Zombie Plant Synchro: WIN

Final Record: 3-2 (topped!)

Top 4 vs Hero Beat: LOSE
3rd Place Match vs Dino Rabbit: LOSE

Honestly, I'm upset that I spent over seven hours at the shop and didn't get anything to show for it. I got fourth place, which is cool, but prizes were only for 1st-3rd. I guess that's just how things go though. Maybe next time, huh?

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