Saturday, February 16, 2013

03/01/13 Banlist - Initial Thoughts

Let's get right into it - here are my initial thoughts concerning the newest piece of legislation to hit the OCG. There were only 13 changes in total, making this a somewhat short list - we'll start with reviewing what's actually on the list first, and then talk about what isn't.

Changes I like:
Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity: 0
Wind-Up Magician: 1
One Day of Peace: 1
Tsukuyomi: 2
Spore: 3
Mind Crush: 3

Changes I dislike:
Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow: 3
Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner: 3
Shien's Smoke Signal: 3

Changes I don't know how to feel about:
Sangan: 0
Solemn Warning: 1
Thunder King Rai-Oh: 2
Advanced Ritual Art: 2

Every change that I like is probably self explanatory, so I won't waste your time with those.

All of the changes I dislike deal with giving older strategies a leg up that I honestly believe they either don't need or don't deserve:
-The entire concept of an Honest-like card is amazing to begin with, and there is Winged-Beast support coming up in LTGY. So do Blackwings really NEED a third Honest? I don't think so. And the only reason why I'd rather they have two instead of one is because the archetype honestly isn't very good without that.
-Lightsworn have the best boss monster in the game who, for whatever stupid ass reason, continues to not be Limited. Not to mention all of the other millions of bosses the deck can play, and the approach of Light attribute support in Judgment of the Light. So, I really don't think they deserve a third Lumina.
-Samurai...come on now, SAMURAI?! There's (supposedly) both a discard loop and an infinite damage loop the deck can perform once Daigusto Emerald and Evilswarm Ouroboros are released, not to mention the stupid shit Gateway is already capable of right now - so what logical reason do you have to let them have their own theme-specific ROTA back at three??? YOU DIDN'T EVEN BAN GATEWAY!!!

As for things I wasn't sure about, I feel like there are two sides to the issue with Sangan and Solemn Warning, and Raioh and ARA are just kind of retarded to the point that I'm still scracting my head trying to figure out why.
-Sangan searches a LOT of shit. Hitting this one card hits an unbelievable amount of decks in the game, and takes Tour Guide down one hell of a notch. But I can't help feeling bad that it's gone... the card has been around for so damn long that it honestly is kind of weird for it to go, and this hurts my Agents deck more than you'd think. Considering Tour Guide has been out for a while now, I wonder what was the last straw?
-Solemn Warning is not just a summon stopper - it counters so many powerful cards in the game. Gorz, Macro, Starlight and Cycle of the Fire Kings all fall to this card, while at the same time it is balanced by its hefty cost. I'm not sure we should be removing a control card in this era of unbelievable derp (especially one that offers a cap to Spell and Trap-assisted summons), but at the same time you can easily be locked out of a game by your opponent using this at the right time.
-I have almost the same reasoning for Thunder King - why are we hitting cards that make the game LESS stupid as opposed to more? This is like Limiting Maxx "C"; it just doesn't make sense.
-Advanced Ritual Art pays the cost for Rituals by sending monsters from your deck. The problem is, not only do they have to be Normals, but you would also kind of have to play Ritual Monsters in the first place, which are inherently not as good as many other strategies. But at the same time, nobody really wants to see Herald of Perfection or any other broken ass Ritual Monster get better, so what gives?

Even though I like almost half of the changes, overall, I wasn't very happy with this list.
Before we get farther into this part of the discussion, let's get something straight right now: I believe Yugioh should be balanced. I believe strong combos should be tamed to allow for true skill to be the deciding factor in games more often than it is now. And even though it's more than evident that Konami simply doesn't feel the same way, I truly believe that Yugioh simply can't keep going with banlists like these. With the game as crazy as it is, it's absolutely stupid to think that those idiots could sit there and come up with a list this short. If Konami doesn't hit it, does that mean they automatically don't think it's a problem? No. But it does mean that they aren't willing to stand up and do something about it, which is kind of a problem considering that they're the ones in control.

Even though Konami simply does not share the same philosophy regarding the list that I do, was it really too much to ask to limit Dragoons? Or Rescue Rabbit? How about ban Monster Reborn? Or Limiter Removal? Or Card Destruction? Or fucking Gateway?! Were any of those things really too much for you? I refuse to believe that there was a good reason for not doing any of these changes that doesn't have something to do with them making money, and for that, I am absolutely disgusted.

Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed with the list this time around. After surviving March 2012, I feel like the "badness" of this list doesn't seem nearly so bad, and you might too. But to give you all a reminder of what we're in store for, remember that Mermail Atlanteans, Fire Fist, Fire Kings, Evilswarm, Dark World, and Prophecy were all left untouched, Dino Rabbit wasn't hurt very badly, and Samurai actually GAINED something. So here's hoping that next format won't suck (spoiler alert: it will). Thanks for reading.

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