Sunday, February 24, 2013


The conclusion of yet another YCS! This one happened in Santiago, Chile and was won by Macro Rabbit, which managed to defeat its old rival Chaos Dragons in the Finals. To me, this is outstanding news: Konami apparently needs a wake-up call to realize that Rescue Rabbit doesn't need to be at two anymore. Also, Chaos Dragons have been good all format in my opinion (except maybe against Wind-Ups), it's just that nobody plays them anymore. The loss of Sangan (and by extension Tour Guide) hurts, but once the latest promos are released in the TCG their power will rise yet again. There seems to have only been a Top 16 for this event, so we can probably guess that turnout wasn't spectacular. Join this blog if you like my content!

There actually wasn't much coverage done at this event - only a couple of introductions, Dragon Duels, Standings, and Top Cut. No Feature Matches have been posted as of this time. They have indicated that the blog site was having problems though, so that might be part of it.

Top 16 (
3 Wind-Up
2 Mermail
5 Macro Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
2 Hero Beat
1 Chaos Dragon
1 Prophecy
1 Six Samurai

Top 8 (
4 Macro Rabbit (!!)
1 Wind-Up
1 Mermail
1 Prophecy
1 Chaos Dragon

Top 4 (
2 Macro Rabbit
1 Mermail
1 Chaos Dragon

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