Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Synchros revealed in JOTL - My Review

Hey guys! As promised, I'm going to give you some review of my thoughts concerning the five Synchros revealed so far that will be in Judgment of the Light, coming out in the OCG presumably in April, and in the TCG most likely in August.

041 Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda

In all honesty, I haven't really figured out anything super amazing about this card yet. I don't have much experience playing with or against MPBs though, so that's probably why. It's just a reversal of their typical "got a Token? then you won't lose me :)" effect, wherein instead of the Tokens guaranteeing your monster's survival, this guy's presence protects the Tokens. And if he ever dies, you get an MPB back by tributing all of your Tokens...which, if I had to guess, kind of sucks if you had to give up more than one of them. Again, I'm not an expert on this archetype so I'm really not sure if this card is good or not. But from the perspective of an outsider, it looks pretty bland.

043 Mist Bird Clausolas

This card is the first generic Level 3 Synchro of all time, and the second Level 3 overall after Turbo Cannon (a useful card with an effect similar to Pyrorex and Volcasaurus, but that sees no play because it specifically requires you to use Turbo Rocket to summon it. Oh, and it also has no ATK or DEF lol). Overall, Clausolas is a decent card that can definitely be useful a lot of the time, but it is mainly hampered by its inability to take advantage of its own effect. Had they given this thing 1600+ ATK (and maybe sacrificed some DEF in return), it would have instantly been good all on its own. So I guess the card design here is somewhat disappointing, but you can still make good use of it if you control other monsters to do the heavy hitting. Plus it does have 2300 DEF, so I can definitely imagine scenarios in which your opponent would struggle to get rid of it, losing monster after monster to the effect.

044 Balmung, Fighter of the Demon World

Continuing the trend in introducing more viable low-level Synchros, here we have Balmung. It's actually a pretty decent card in theory - having a Synchro that's a floater is pretty damn good considering you have to -1 to get him out.  The only issue is that getting an opponent to destroy something with a card effect can be rather tricky, and sometimes almost impossible. You also have to consider how easy it is nowadays for people to summon monsters with more than 2100 ATK, and he likely won't be resolving his effect too often. But hey, at least they tried (I guess).

045 Armades, Keeper of Illusions

I love it when Konami introduces cards that aren't exactly part of a theme or archetype, yet still obviously related to each other. This card appears to be another relative of Tiras and Adreus, except it represents two elements instead of just one. Its effect is actually quite good, locking out a large number of card effects including things that might react to its attacks, things that would change stats during a battle, and of course the infamous Gorz and his crew. But whether or not this guy is good enough to steal some tightly contested Extra Deck spots from current level 5 mainstays like Catastor, Magical Android and Hyper Librarian is tough to guess.

046 Psychoconductor Behemoth

A new level 6 Synchro that isn't that bad. It basically says to your opponent that they can't destroy it by battle or else they'll lose the monster responsible - my problem is it doesn't do anything else, which sucks considering it's pretty easy to simply opt to use removal on it instead. You could also use this offensively, like attacking Abysslinde and using its effect to deny hers, but I don't really think anybody wants to give up two cards to bring this guy out and then get rid of him purposely for that. (Although if you really were in that situation, you would probably be forced to.) So all in all, this guy is pretty underwhelming I guess.

So all in all, the return of Synchros so far looks like a pretty mixed bag. Thanks for reading this review guys. Stay tuned for my highlights from YCS Bochum on Sunday!

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