Monday, February 11, 2013

Yugioh at the International Toy Fair 2013

At this event, Konami showed off the products they'll be releasing in the hopes of capturing our minds, spirits and money for the first eight months of the year. Sounds awesome since they've admitted themselves that they're behind on product info, huh? Let's go through it real quick.

February: Onslaught of the Fire Kings

March 8: 2013 Zexal Collection Tin

March 22: CBLZ Special Edition

Although we ridiculously don't yet know the promos, the article takes care to mention that one is a "special championship-level card". they mean a YCS Prize Card, or just any card that's been hitting the top tables as of late? If it's the latter, we may be in for quite the reprint!

April 19: Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars

It's been mentioned before, but in case you didn't know there will be ten cards added to this product's release. Before you get your hopes up, it's said that these will at least mostly be cards from the anime. Check here for a preemptive spoiler that obviously might not be 100% correct.

May: Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy

June: 2013 Super Starter

June: Battle Pack 2

August: Judgment of the Light

"This new 100-card set brings back Synchro Monsters that are stronger than ever!"



Synchro Monsters are coming back? No way. See, this is why this press release in a big deal. Judgment won't even be out in Japan for two or three months and now we know one of the biggest surprises of the entire thing!

Well, that's it for now guys. Thanks for reading!

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