Sunday, February 3, 2013

Locals Report - 02/01/13

Hey guys, welcome to another report. Here's the build I used this time around:

Changes since last time are the removal of one copy of Thunder King for a single Torrential Tribute. At my last tournament (01/27/13), I really started to realize how bad three Thunder King can be sometimes. If you're not drawing any Agents and then finally draw into an Earth, he basically stops your gameplan. Not to mention if your opponent already controls a big hitter, Thunder King isn't doing much to them. So to make my draws better, I cut one. Torrential is supposed to help with decks that like to summon a lot (fucking Wind-Ups), but I have still not had the chance to actually use it yet. Also, as always note that I STILL don't have a Daigusto Phoenix; that slot is a Dark Mist in real life. So let's get started.

Round 1 vs Prophecy

Game 1
This game took a little while. He basically got all of his turbo combos going, with multiple uses each of Secrets, Eternity, Master and Tower. I had a Thunder King out and made a play with Reaper to steal from him, but he summoned Priestess and swung at TKRO while backed up by Wisdom so I decided not to use my Mirror Force. He kept destroying my backrows and Reaper, then eventually got out another High Priestess for the win

Game 2
I drew into a Thunder King on my second turn, which screwed him up even though he had used Secrets and Master on his first turn. I destroyed his Spellbook Tower which caused him to summon Stoic which would be locked anyways, but on my next turn I drew Guaiba! Laggia and Thunder King pretty much beat him to death while he couldn't do anything.

Game 3
Not a great hand - at one point I used Herald to negate his Priestess' summon, but he had Spellbook of Life anyways. He normal summoned Fool and Reborned my Thunder King for game.

Close, but not quite there. Sigh.

Round 2 vs Valhalla Agents
This guy was not very good. He had no Side Deck and was openly telling me details about his deck while I was siding for game 2. At one point during Game 3, he even picked up and read aloud his face down Starlight Road to ask his friend about a ruling. Game 1 took forever (as it always does), game 2 wasn't so bad, and Game 3 I basically lost to BLS. I'm tired of losing to cards that should be banned or limited in the first place, but isn't that almost every loss in some shape or form anyways?


I was basically out, but decided to keep playing anyways since I didn't feel like going home so early. Round 3 I got a bye, so I went out to my car and talked to my friend on the phone for a little while. It was a really relaxing break, to say the least. I felt ready to finally win for the night.


Round 4 vs Six Samurai

G1: I don't really remember this game, but it took a while and he took a lot of damage before I lost. All I remember is losing Gachi to Enishi and losing Hyperion to a Magatama.
G2: I have never seen my Side Deck fuck somebody up so badly before. Black Horn negated his Shi En, and Dust Tornado wiped his backrows.
G3: I felt good with my opening since it included Spirit Reaper and a couple of backrows, but he opened with Shi En (when do they not open with that guy? I just realized that) and equipped it with Spirit. Even though I was protected, he just played Smashing Ground and ended. I tried using Hyperion to remove Spirit so I could attack over Shi En, but he had another Magatama. FUCK!


Round 5 vs Machina Gadgets
I was close to dropping before this round, but by the time I made my mind up it was already time for the round to start. My opponent was a very quiet guy (as you might expect from a couple of scrubs like us), so my hearing made it tough to understand him.

G1: His Gearframe got Warning'd, and I got triple Dragon Balls. I wrecked his Fortress with Hyperion, and made strong repeated hits until he died.
G2: This game wasn't going too amazingly for a little while as he had Gadgets aplenty while I was drawing no monsters aside from a dead Hyperion. That was mostly due to a misplay wherein I summoned Earth against his Utopia, then used Dark Hole for some reason. Must've confused it with a Soul Taker. His Gearframe got Warning'd (again), but he later summoned another. I let that one go so that I could just Bottomless his Fortress. Eventually, I drew into Venus for double Dragon Balls and got out five monsters to attack his open field with 5400 left - his last card in hand was a Tragoedia! But it didn't matter, because it was the last card he had. Finally, the feeling of winning again!


Not a great tournament, but I bought five packs of CBLZ and packed an Artorigus, which I immediately traded for a Lion Emperor. I also bought a Bahamut Shark for $10 and pulled a Genex Undine in my Astral Pack, so it was a pretty decent night for finances. As I write this, I'm preparing to go to another tournament at GSG later on this afternoon - I have an interesting new tech choice that I can't wait to show you guys. Thanks for reading!

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