Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exciting Things on the Horizon

The March 2013 Banlist, complete spoiler of LTGY, and of course YCS Miami should all be complete or revealed at about the same time - that is, by the 18th of February.

The March banlist is both particularly exciting and particularly boring this year - the game has leveled off compared to last format, so nobody is really all that enthusiastic about predicting changes. At the same time, this makes it even more of a toss-up as to what will happen (outside of Wind-Ups and Rabbit getting a hit). Will Konami continue to balance things out with small changes here and there, will they do nothing in the face of powerful new releases, or will they overhaul the game with a more dramatic alteration? Only time will tell.

Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has already been more than three-fourths of the way spoiled (with about 61 of the original 80 cards revealed at my last count), but for some odd reason the Wind Elemental Lord has remained elusive up to this point. But don't worry, fellow Wind fans! Since the set will be out by the 16th in Japan, you can expect a full spoiler a few days or perhaps even a week before then.

And finally, YCS Miami will be taking place at about the same time, on February 16th and 17th. This is the last YCS of the format, but it's also the first since Jack Bruun took down YCS Barcelona with Macro Rabbit way back at the beginning of December. Needless to say, the change of the meta during all of this time coupled with the release of Cosmo Blazer is sure to make this quite the entertaining event.

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