Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CBLZ TCG Exclusives Review - Part 2

Hey guys! It's been a few hours and I finally have some more time on my hands. Today I'm going to give you an in-depth review of the TCG Exclusives in Cosmo Blazer - what you can do with them, how they'll affect existing strategies, and flat-out, whether or not I think they're good. Let's do it.

000 Noble Arms - Caliburn 
Here it is! By the looks of the art, this would be the sword wielded by the legendary King Arthur, known to Yugioh as Artorigus. This card is pretty simple - a 500 ATK boost will make any Noble Knight a bigger threat, and gaining 500 life points every turn will stack up fast if your opponent never takes care of it. I am a bit disappointed that it isn't 900 life points as was previously reported, but that's okay. You can combo it with Medraut to gain 1000 points in a single turn, and you can also combat stall/burn decks by using this as a side choice for any deck that uses Warriors. Overall, I think this is going to find a cozy spot in Noble Knights just for the compatibility with Medraut and the theme as a whole, but it's not the best card ever.

081 Noble Knight Medraut
I know I'm not the only person out there who had a gigantic moment of clarity after seeing this card for the first time - the entire Noble Knight theme basically revolves around Medraut at this point, and for good reason. With just him and any Noble Arms card, you can summon any Rank 4 or Rank 5 Xyz Monster, and use the effects of your Noble Arms that only activate once per turn twice. It has great synergy with the several themed cards and is just an all-around powerful card. Plus, it's always great to have a Warrior be the central engine of your deck -  you can just get him back with Returning Alive and effectively use six copies!

082 Haze Beast Manticore
I'm really disappointed with this card, as you guys saw in Part 1. It's not exactly awful; they just wasted a slot on something that doesn't even help an archetype that really needed it. Oh boy, you can discard a card to keep it from being destroyed by effects. Big fucking deal - it already can't even be targeted. Of course the effect is useful, but it completely sidesteps the entire point of the Haze Beast deck: how in the hell does this help you bring out Basilisk, or any other Rank 6 for that matter? But I think the honest worst part of this card lies not in its effects, but its stats. WHY WOULD YOU GIVE IT 300 DEFENSE?!?!?!?!? If you don't want us to use Rekindling, then limit or ban it. Don't. Fucking. TROLL US. This card really pisses me off. Good artwork though.

083 Mermail Abyssteus
This would be better as a Sea Serpent, because right now Dragoons is a very sad sea monster. No but really, all of the other Mermonsters are Sea Serpents. Why not this one? The real failing point of this card are the stats, though. Nobody wants a monster who's a stone wall instead of a battering ram. If they could've at least given it 2100 ATK (and whatever lower amount of DEF), it would've been great. Also, Abysslinde and Abysspike are better left in the deck rather than being added to the hand most times. But despite all of its flaws, I still believe this is a good card. I don't know if contemporary Mermail-Atlantean decks will run it, but budget players like me will probably come to depend on it.

We'll cover the final six in Part 3. Thanks for reading! Leave your opinions of these cards in a comment, if you please. :)

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