Friday, January 11, 2013

Locals Report - 01/11/13

Hey guys, welcome to another locals report. Here's the build I used this time:

Changes since last time include losing Call of the Haunted once and for all (it was bound to happen) for a Grand Mole to help clear Xyz more easily, and dropping Prohibition from my side for a lone Maxx "C", to help against Wind-Ups, Rabbit, Water, Inzektors and several other less relevant decks. So let's get started!

Round 1 vs Tech Genus Psychics
I've seen this guy around pretty often, but we've never played before. Let's get into it!

Game 1 I had a Thunder King first turn, and life was going okay until he Reborned the Silent Psychic Wizard I just Warninged, then suicided. After that, I really struggled to get a foothold and lost.

Game 2, I was able to kill his Serene Psychic Witch with Guaiba, landing me a Laggia. My opponent kept losing life throughout the game, so I felt confident. But I made a major misplay by not responding to him normal summoning a Psychic Jumper with either my Laggia or my Warning, and he used it to swap our monsters. Things got better later though when I was able to bait Laggia by using the Psychic he gave me with another monster to summon Catastor. Then I dropped Hyperion, but he summoned Jumper and I didn't Warning it AGAIN. I had to Warning an Emergency Teleport and got knocked down to 200 by Hyperion attacking some monster, then I dropped Tragoedia. I really needed a good draw - I ran through all of the things I could draw to turn it around. Soul Taker, Hyperion... I had nothing in hand, so it HAD to be good. I drew for turn, and...

HALLELUJAH! I discarded it to take my first Hyperion back, destroyed his last monster, then overlaid for Heliopolis and attacked for game!

Game 3 I opened with Venus, a Dragon Ball, two Hyperions, and a Spell Card. This game didn't take very long; I got in direct hits with an unboosted Venus and a Hyperion before dropping my second Hyperion to destroy his Gorz, then normal Jupiter and attack for game. I couldn't believe I pulled it out - could this be the start of something good?


Round 2 vs Dino Rabbit
This was the same guy from Round 5 of my previous tournament who won Game 3 by using Rabbit and Tour Guide. Apparently he's a great player, but it's hard to tell with Rabbit sometimes.

Game 1 he used Warning on my Venus' second activation AGAIN, and had Heavy Storm at the exact right moment to destroy my Mirror Force so that his Gorz and its 2700 token could ruin me.

Game 2 was pretty unfortunate. He had a Sabersaurus out, then summoned Rabbit. I knew there was a good chance he might Starlight me, but I had no choice. I activated Torrential, and there went the mother fucking Starlight. Fuck control decks, oh my GOD! I used Compulsory to hit his Stardust and stay in the game, but being hit for 1900 three times in one turn is not fun. Since I survived, I was able to set my Reaper, but he later used Forbidden Lance on it.


I guess in hindsight it would've been smarter to just Compulsory the Rabbit, but I didn't want to use the damn thing just for him to summon the Rabbit again next turn. I wanted to kill that damn bunny.

Round 3 vs Dino Rabbit
I'm sick of playing stupid fucking Rabbit already. Game 1 my opponent misplayed by Lancing my Hyperion so that it suicided with his Dolkka (I had a Gachi out with both Balls). You would think I'd be able to win after that, but his constant backrow just kept fucking me up and he swarmed me with two Leviairs, a Utopia and a Laggia. Game 2 went into a topdecking war after he Soul Taker'd my Thunder King and I drew nothing to take care of his Dolkka.


Honestly, I don't even know why Dino Rabbit is "good." I don't know how I keep losing to that deck. It's barely even a real deck, it's just a race to try and strangle you before you can do anything. Playing against it is like fighting a rapist armed with chains and bear traps while you're given a butterknife - it's only a matter of time before they hold you down and fuck you. Rabbit is showing up in several decks in Japan, including newer, more themed versions of Verz (Evilswarm) and a lot of builds of Fire Fist. And let's not forget the Harpie Rabbit deck that it seems a lot of people have toyed around with. Hopefully this will spur Konami to cut that bunny once and for all. Limit it, ban it, whichever. I'm tired of one-card Xyz summons, especially when they turn into stranglehold monsters like Laggia and Ophion.

Despite the disheartening loss, I decided to play on anyways. Now that I've started school, I need to spend my leisure time better, and I honestly didn't feel like going home early. So I sat down to play Round 4, but it turns out my opponent was friends with the guy I played Round 1, and their group of friends decided to go to Domino's so I got the match win after 10 minutes passed. So technically, I guess I finished 2-2. (EDIT: Yes, there were only four rounds this week. Quite rare for this shop, as far as I know.) I pulled a Tefnuit and Closed Forest from my Astral Pack, which was cool. That's all for this week guys, thanks for reading. :)

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