Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fire King Deck Profile (#1, 01/12/13)

Hey guys! Here's my first deck profile on Fire Kings for this blog. I've been toying around with this archetype ever since the cards came onto Dueling Network last month, and they are really something else. Here's the most recent build I put together last night:

Before copying this list, it's important for you to know that this deck has absolutely zero testing right now. What you're looking at is purely Theory-Oh, nothing more. Regardless, I'll go through my card choices and explain why I have them.

Three Garunix is a must - it's pretty much the point of the entire deck.

Three Barong and Yaksha help to search and trigger Garunix, as well as being 1800 ATK bullies that can push your opponent around. They both have 200 DEF for use with Firedog and Rekindling, and are Beast Warriors so you can grab them with Tenki.

Yaksha is a little overpowered in my opinion - it can summon itself like Purplythorny Dragon and gets its effect regardless of how it's destroyed. Not to mention it can destroy cards IN YOUR HAND. Nevertheless, I'm not convinced that three of him and Barong are necessary at the moment, mostly due to Tenki and Firedog. But we'll find out through testing.

Only one Kirin / Qilin - its only real purpose is to set up Garunix, who is already searched by both Barong and Onslaught.

Three Kamaitachi, AKA Fire Dance Longsword, are amazing in this deck. They work perfectly with the theme's goals and allow you to punish your opponent simply for killing it. Not to mention Yaksha can trigger this literally out of nowhere. At this point I'd play three of this no matter what, because it's extremely useful even on its own.

Only one Firedog right now - the monsters you're going to summon with him are often better used on the field instead of going towards a Synchro or Xyz Summon like this card would have enjoyed in the past, so he isn't as big of a threat. I've played a version with three and it just wasn't so great. Regardless, he's still very powerful and functions similar to an Atlantean Marksman by bringing out 1800 damage in the blink of an eye. And by intimidating your opponent with growing field presence, it becomes even easier to tempt (or force) them to destroy your cards, which is exactly what you want.

One Chow Len the Prophet. This works with Rekindling and either reveals or absorbs Bottomlesses and Dimensional Prisons that might otherwise screw with your cards. I seriously think this is one of the best Fire monsters out there.

And finally only one Bear, for putting those used-up copies of Tenki to good use as well as giving Tenki another cool option to search.

Three Tenki fuel the deck and make it possible to run such a low monster count. It's amazing, but kind of kills the whole "budget" concept.

One Rekindling because of triple Barong and Yaksha, as well as Kirin, Firedog, and Chow Len. It's amazing to use this to go into a quick Tiger King, Dire Wolf or any other Rank 4.

Two Onslaught is useful; with all of the bullets flying and monsters getting destroyed, this deck doesn't always hang on to its field presence. It's the single best way to initially get Garunix into play, and it gives you a backup plan if your opponent overcomes your field. Not to mention it triggers all of your best effects.

3 Forbidden Lance to help Garunix and your other monsters avoid Dimensional Prison and Bottomless Trap Hole, as well as making them even harder to beat in battle and helping Firedog become even scarier. Three Typhoon isn't necessary thanks to Lance, but I might switch these numbers at some point.

This is why I've said that Call of the Haunted needs to be Limited again - it's WAY too powerful to just bring back Garunix and clear the field from a misfired Typhoon. This card basically is one of the reasons this deck even exists, and also helps the low monster count. Generation Shift works similarly, and although at this point it's just a tech I may eventually go up to more. It is an awfully easy way to destroy your cards and get more, after all.

There's two each of Horn, Bottomless and Warning to help make sure that no monsters get in your way. Horn is especially good with Kamaitachi - your opponent might send a monster they deem expendable to kill it, only to give you a +2 and a super strong weasel instead. And the interaction with Firedog is obviously amazing.

So that's all guys! Hopefully I'll report back with some changes as soon as I find the time to practice with this. Thanks for reading

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