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Locals Report - 01/27/13

This was my first time going to a different game shop in town which happens to only be two miles away from my place. My main deck is the same as from 01/11/13 and 01/18/13, but my Side Deck was changed by removing Prohibition, System Down and Torrential Tribute. I added Maxx "C", Messenger of Peace, and Black Horn of Heaven. All three of these cards combat Wind-Ups and Dino Rabbit, who I am seriously tired of losing to, but Maxx "C" is also useful against decks like Hieratics, Psychics, Dragunities, Infernities and X-Sabers. Messenger helps greatly against Chaos Dragons, Heroes and Machine decks, while Black Horn is a good tool for fighting anything that relies on the Extra Deck or monsters that inherently summon. Let's go ahead and find out whether or not these changes would help!

Round 1 vs Dino Rabbit
I can't explain the depression I feel every time I see that I'm paired up against this guy. I figured I'd be up against Wind-Ups, but it turned out he had returned to playing Dino Rabbit. I guess now an impossible match was possible, but I didn't get my hopes up.

G1: I don't quite remember this game, but I know it took quite a long time for me to finally lose. We both had no monsters for a while, so I tanked away with some weak Gachi hits.

G2: He managed to get both Laggia and Dolkka out at once, but Fiendish Chain helped me break through somehow. Later, a key Mirror Force helped me eliminate his Gorz and Sabersaurus, giving me the opening to take it.

G3: He started with two backrows and nothing else. I started with Earth for Venus, hit him for 1000 and ended with two backrows myself, but he played Macro Cosmos in the end phase! He summoned Guaiba to try and take advantage of Earth, but I killed it with Warning. Next turn, I had Earth, Venus and both Dragon Balls attack to drop him to 3400. He tried summoning a Guaiba again, but ANOTHER Warning sealed the deal!

Wow. Just...wow.


Round 2 vs Bubble Beat
Since this locals is supposedly more competitive, I was expecting something even more difficult than last round as I'd have to play someone who also won. However, this opponent seemed to have absolutely no idea what he was doing. The first game was very easy, as he appeared to have no idea what any of the Agents do and I beat him down with a boosted Earth and Venus. I got a +2 from Heavy both games of the match; the second time he tried to destroy Heavy with Gemini Spark on the chain and I had to explain that it wouldn't negate the effect. Game 2 was a little scarier because I wasn't drawing into much backrow and he kept empty-topping into either Bubbleman or a way to get Bubbleman, but thankfully he misplayed by thinking he could activate Blade Armor Ninja's effect during the battle phase which let me survive long enough to take him down. I won't bore you guys with all of the things I had to explain to him during the match; just know that I won 2-0.


Round 3 vs Inzektors

G1: This became a long grindfest, as he eventually got up to an entire FIVE backrows. However, he constantly milled spells and traps with his Card Troopers, and couldn't get anything going. Eventually, I got through the backrow and summoned Hyperion to clean up.

G2: This game was going my way for a long time, thanks to Veiler and Soul Taker countering his plays. To make matters worse, he milled a copy each of Dimensional Fissure and Light-Imprisoning Mirror! But a critical moment came when he searched his Hornet to the field by comboing Ladybug with Dragonfly. He was thinking of overlaying them, but after thinking out loud he came to the conclusion of simply crashing the Hornet to get it in the grave and begin a string of powerful plays. If it weren't for his Veiler next turn, I would've been able to just run down his Centipede with Guaiba and drop Dolkka to seal it. I literally had 8000 life points the turn he killed me via bug-swarm. So not fun.

G3: He got Hornet in the grave early which sucked, but then dropped Dark Armed Dragon on me and I had absolutely nothing to deal with it. I knew I was going to lose, but didn't want to give up and decided to bluff the last turn by setting my Shine Ball with Dust Tornado and Heavy. I used my Tornado to remove Ladybug from his Dragonfly, but when he normal summoned Thunder King I had to fold. Would it have really been to much to ask to draw a god damned Shadow Mirror this entire match?


Round 4 vs Hero Beat
The final round!

Game 1
I "misplayed" by giving up my Thunder King to negate the summon of his Photon Thrasher when I had Honest in hand. He simply summoned another one and hit me directly. I felt horrible, until I checked the rest of my hand next turn and realized I had an amazing game ahead. I summoned Earth and swung over Thrasher, and later caused major damage with Venus and the Dragon Balls.

Game 2
I honestly don't remember what the hell happened.

Game 3
I opened with Tragoedia and five traps. Not good, but not horrible either. I misplayed a few times, including using my Dimensional Prison to deal with a Thrasher instead of Mirror Force, when I should have saved it for better targets. Later I was staring down The Shining and had to use Dark Hole on it, simply giving him Stratos and Alius back. -___- Whatever, screw Heroes.


I didn't expect the fact that I would top in 6th place, or that my opponent for Top 8 would be Carlos again. I knew I was going to lose (Round 1-Game 3 was awfully lucky, after all), so I just sat down.

Top 8 vs Dino Rabbit
Game 1
Why do people keep opening with Rabbit against me? I swear, Dino Rabbit is not even that hard to beat if they just don't draw the damn rabbit. He got out Dolkka too, and my Dimensional Prison wasn't saving me.

Game 2
Neither one of us knew exactly what happened this game, but I know that I got double Dragon Balls early on and recovered what I paid for them thanks to a Soul Taker, and used Black Horn to negate a Dolkka drop. I eventually cleaned up with Hyperion and Venus attacking together.

Game 3
He went into Laggia a bit late, and yet again I had the Black Horn to stop it... but he had the Solemn to stop me. Honestly, I would have won were it not for that. Luckily I drew Messenger just in time, but he Typhoon'd it and I lost.

This location doesn't give out Astral Packs, so I didn't really get anything for participating. But at least I got these sweet trades earlier in the evening:

It looks like there's a good chance I'm going back to my primary locals place again this Friday, so look out for that! Til then, thanks for reading.

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