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Locals Report - 01/18/13

Here we go for another locals report! My build was, for once, the same as last time. So let's just jump in!

Round 1 vs Nobody
My opponent didn't show up.

Whew! That was a tough one.


Round 2 vs Inzektors
This is the guy Patrick whom I've played twice before. The first time we played, I beat him and the second time he beat me.

Game 1
At one point, I had Gachi, Hyperion, Reaper and (Sangan? Earth? Something with 1000 base ATK) all out while he had a Centipede holding a Sword and a backrow, with 5800 life left. For some reason I ignored the presence of his Centipede and calculated that would be game (9+31+7+14 = 61) so I went for it, only to stupidly leave him with 2100 left. But by that time he only had one card left in hand, and when he drew next turn he conceded.

Whoo! I've never won a Game 1 against Patrick before. This had me feeling good.

Game 2
I used Compulsory to bounce his Zenmaines once, then threatened his Number 12 with Grand Mole while I had a Hyperion. He stalled for a bit, but eventually the Ninja died and he made another Zenmaines with Ladybug and Centipede, evidently forgetting that I had just taken back my Grand Mole. Hyperion had the way cleared to swing 'til he died!


Round 3 vs Dino Rabbit
This is the same guy I've dueled two of the three previous times that I've had to face Dino Rabbit. I'm tired of being paired up with him, and heaved a sigh to see it on the pairings again.

Game 1
This game devolved into a very long grindfest with both of us reaching a point where we'd draw a card and immediately play it or set it. He topped into a Rabbit near the end but found he had no suitable targets, and I mentally breathed a huge sigh of relief. He attacked with both it and his Reaper, but next turn I topped Thunder King to seal the deal.

Game 2
Again, this became a long grindfest. I started off pretty bad, and had to hard summon Gachi with two Shine Balls. I was able to stave off a Rabbit by Bottomlessing both copies of Kabazauls, but I was running out of cards fast. DD Warrior Lady put in some work with Honest's help, but I made a misplay by using my Veiler to deal with his Guaiba instead of Warning/Bottomless, and eventually died in time. I declined to move to Game 3, recognizing there'd be no possible way to deal tons of damage to a Dino Rabbit player in a matter of seconds or minutes - therefore, a tie! My first one.


Round 4 vs Mermail Atlanteans
The deck that I really wanted to play, but had no money to build? Let's do this.

Game 1
He used Mirror Force on my Reaper, leaving my field clear for him to go Undine > Megalo > Moulinglacia and rape me. Sacktastic!

Game 2
I made a mistake by summoning Earth first turn instead of Venus and had to fight through a very early Skill Drain which prevented me from getting Gachi as a result, but it didn't matter because I had Soul Drain. He summoned a Megalo at one point, but our Drain cards together stripped it of all its potency and I simply kicked it with my Hyperion. Jupiter and Venus pitched in what they had for the win!

Game 3
I don't remember this game, except that once again Soul Drain destroyed him, while he never was able to get his Skill Drain. I literally ruined all of his plays, and this gave me free reign to build up a big field - not even Gorz and Tragoedia together could save him. He used Salvage to grab two Marksmen, but when one of them dealt damage I Bottomlessed his Dragoons and he scooped.


Round 5 vs Wind-Ups
This round was against Carlos, the same guy I played against not long ago. I fucking hate playing against Wind-Ups, but with no losses I was feeling good anyways!

Game 1
He Shock Locked me.

Game 2
I ran out of cards fairly quickly, and despite doing a lot of damage to him I lost. Sigh.


But guess what? I STILL FUCKING TOPPED! For the first time in almost two months. My opponent for Top 8 would be a guy that I saw playing Dark World earlier on in the evening, and he declined to split with me.

Top 8 vs Dark World

Game 1
Honestly, I don't even know what happened this game. I drew into all three Hyperions thanks to his Dealings plays, but he used Tour Guide and Reborn to get out two Graphas, who teamed up with Trance Archfiend to take out my Gachi. When I summoned a Hyperion next turn, he activated Dark Smog to banish Venus from my graveyard, preventing me from summoning a second copy and going into Heliopolis to get over his Graphas. Plus, I misplayed by using Hyperion's effect to hit Gates and suiciding with a Grapha instead of hitting Trance. What the fuckkkk. I only had 4000 left though, so it most likely would've been game anyways even if I had killed the Trance.

Game 2
I had an early Shadow Mirror that ruined his plays, but my hand was slow otherwise. I used Jupiter to mow down his Trance Archfiend, but that caused the summon of Tragoedia - while he had five cards in hand! But as he attacked, I dropped Honest and he couldn't recover from it.

Game 3
Another slow hand plus Shadow Mirror. He started with Tour Guide, fetching Sangan. Apparently Sangan's effect activates during the Damage Step, preventing me from negating it by chaining Mirror when Honest killed it. That let him search Ryko, but I was cool with that. I used Compulsory to bounce it one turn, then summoned Grand Mole to bounce it again - but he used Torrential. Unfortunate, but not a game ender. He later drew into some MSTs and used them to pick off my Bottomless and Prison while managing to put together a Grapha - THAT was a problem. My draws couldn't come together, and I lost.

I hate Dark World, but I was so happy to top again it barely even mattered. I was also really ecstatic about beating Inzektors, tying with Dino Rabbit, and DESTROYING Mermails. So I guess it ended up being a really good night. Except for that super Terraforming I pulled...yuck.

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