Sunday, January 6, 2013


Okay, so it's 4:30 in the morning and I'm going to try and explain this new product. Should work out just fine.

Really I should call it a product IDEA, because that's exactly what it is. I've probably been thinking about this ever since everybody started criticizing Gold Series 4, and it was very much renewed after GS5 was spoiled.

Basically, the concept of this product is fast, timely reprints while showing off the new Platinum Rare. The cards will look like Gold Rares, except they'll have silver names and glossy, polished silver card borders - this is of course coming from a Pokemon Silver player. I want the pack to have maybe 25 cards in it, 8 of them being Platinum Rares and the other 17 being regular Rares (to keep up with the Silver feel of it). Every pack would have three cards - two Rares and a Platinum Rare. And the packs should cost either $6 or $7 each, a few dollars more than a regular booster would.  I don't want to break people's wallets for only three Golds out of like eighteen possible like they do with Gold Series, but I also want you to pony up a little for the good shit you'll be pulling. I think it could be good to include one to three cards previously only released in Japan to help push sales, too. In real life that probably wouldn't happen though, since Konami might much rather release those cards as a Secret in a pack and make tons of money.

The biggest deal with this pack apart from the new rarity is utility. I want nearly every single card to be relevant to a deck that is seeing some kind of play, outside of OCG imports or just that random filler here and there. And speaking of filler, from now on, it will be the exception and not the rule. No more of this random shit like "lul Dark Skorpionzzz" in Gold Series 5. You might think that'd be hard, but Yugioh is at a point now where there are so many powerful cards and strategies that I guarantee you we'll almost never run out of stuff to print. I want one edition of Platinum Series to come out every year in the fall, probably between August and October, when kids are going back to school and meeting up with their dueling buddies more regularly again. July also might not be a bad time, since the game is usually pretty stale at that point in the year.

So that's it for now guys, because I'm tired and need to sleep soon. Sometime soon I'll come back at you with an example list of what a typical Platinum Series would look like, and maybe more details. Later!

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