Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structure Deck?!?!

Just a short post - there's a little news that suggests we might be seeing a Blue-Eyes structure over in the OCG in the coming months. The deck size is 41 cards - think we might get an Xyz for Blue-Eyes?!?! That would be super fucking cool. This news isn't even on Shriek yet, so I feel super fast in getting this up. Check this link (but translate it) for more details. And thanks to the guys at YES for tipping me off with this news. Check them out and give their page a like! They really deserve it.

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Edit: The story is now on Manjyome, posted at about 5:42pm Eastern. Also, the release date is now marked as December 8... kind of a while from now, huh? :/ They normally don't announce something THIS far in advance.

Edit #2: Okay, turns out that was probably a typo or something. The release date will actually be sometime in June (for the OCG). Come to think of it, I would've rather seen attribute structures instead. But whatever, this is still cool 

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