Sunday, February 17, 2013


I'm still working on this highlight reel, because the official coverage site is down (lol):

So, you'll have to stay tuned for me to get the details from between Round 9 and Top 16 up. However, this may not be much of a concern for many of you. Since this YCS supposedly ended with a Wind-Up mirror match, nobody really gives a shit about the event anymore. Either way, congrats to Travis Smith, and good riddance to his fucking deck! :) As expected, the big three decks (Wind-Ups, Mermails, and Dino Rabbit) each did not disappoint, taking up a combined 25 of the Top 32 spots. However, the brand new Fire Fist deck underperformed, with only one making the top cut.

You all laughed at me when I said I wanted to limit the Karakuri Synchros, but then somebody Top 4'd with a deck that exploits them. HA. Also, congrats to Pat Hoban for going undefeated for I think the first nine rounds or so and ending Swiss 10-1. Subscribe to this blog if you like my content, guys.


Round 1 Feature Match: Macro Rabbit defeats Mermails

Round 1 Feature Match: Dark World defeats Prophecy

Round 2 Feature Match: Fire Kings defeat Dragunities

Round 2 Feature Match: Mermails w/o Undine defeat Agents

Round 3 FM: Inzektors w/ Insect Imitation, Orichalcos defeats Inzektors w/ Cardcar D

Agents defeat Inzektors w/ Wind-Up Rabbit, The Dark Creator
Dark World defeats Wind-Ups
Wind-Up Mirror

Round 4 FM: Fire Fist defeats Mermails

Round 5 FM: Mermails defeat Chaos Dragons

7 Wind-Up
6 Mermail
1 Dino Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
3 Chaos Dragon
1 Dark World
1 Dragunity

Round 6 FM: Mermails defeat Fire Fist

Round 7 FM: Wind-Ups defeat Fire Fist

Round 7 FM: Prophecy defeats Wind-Ups

8 Wind-Up
7 Mermails
2 Dino Rabbit
1 Chaos Dragon
1 Inzektor
1 X-Saber

Round 8 FM: Mermail Mirror

4 Wind-Up
8 Mermail
3 Dino Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
1 Prophecy
2 Dark World
1 Psychic Karakuri

Edit 1: [Round 9 FM: Chaos Dragons defeat X-Sabers w/o Side Deck

Standings after Round 9:]

Edit 2: [Round 10 FM: Dino Rabbit defeats Paul Cooper (Hieratics)
*This match introduces the Feature Match Request Form to the public.

Round 10 FM: Wind-Ups defeat Prophecy

What's your favorite CBLZ card?]

Edit 3: [Round 11 FM: Karakuri OTK defeats Mermails

Round 11 FM: Billy Brake defeats Jeff Jones (Mermail mirror)
*Be sure to check out ARG for their unique new take on the Mermail deck that both used at this event.

Standings after Round 11:

Top 32:
11 Wind-Up
9 Mermail
5 Dino Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
2 Dark World
1 Hieratic
1 Hero Beat
1 Inzektor
1 Karakuri OTK

Top 32 FM: Fire Fist defeats Mermails

Top 16 FM: Karakuri OTK defeats Mermails]

5 Wind-Up
4 Mermail
4 Dino Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
2 Mermail
2 Wind-Up
1 Dino Rabbit
1 Fire Fist
1 Dark World
1 Karakuri

2 Wind-Up
1 Mermail (Billy Brake)
1 Karakuri

Wind-Up Mirror Match

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