Monday, April 8, 2013

ANGEL ASCENSIO WINS YCS SAN DIEGO 2013 (& Coverage Highlights)

It’s all over! The very first mixed-format YCS of the Yugioh world has concluded, with Angel Ascensio taking home the trophy thanks to his Mono Mermail deck. He defeated Mike Steinman, ARG Writer and Fire Fist player in the Finals. I’ve gotta say, now that this event is over I have a different perspective of Sealed. On one hand, some people just get stupidly lucky and pull multiple Snatch Steals and Gorzes, but on the other, it’s a format that often really promotes skillful players to the forefront of competition. Now, on to the coverage! Since the Day 1 was Sealed, I’ll only cover Day 2 for my highlights this time around. Join this blog if you like my shit, guys.

Feature Matches
Round 1:
Fire Fist defeats Chaos Dragons (
Round 2:
Dino Rabbit defeats Bryan Rockenback (Mermails) (
Jeff Jones (Mono Mermail) defeat Genex Mermails (
Round 3:
Rob Boyajian wins a Mermail Mirror (
Round 4:
Dino Rabbit defeats Billy Brake (Mono Mermail) (
Jonny Nagel (Mermail) defeats Thomas Vo (Dino Fist) (
Round 5:
Prophecy defeats Dino Rabbit (
Norberto Leon (Mermail) defeats Frog Monarchs (

Top 32:
Norberto Leon (Mermail) defeats Bo Tang (Six Samurai) (
Wind-Ups defeat Karakuri (
Top 16:
Mono Mermail defeats 48-card Genex Mermail (
Mike Steinman (Dino Fist/Fire Fist) defeats Norberto Leon (Mono Mermail) (
Top 8:
Mike Steinman (Fire Fist) defeats Frog Monarchs (
Top 4:
Mermails defeat Wind-Ups (

And behold, the all-important Top Cut! Thanks for listing the deck types this time, Konami. (Gotta give credit where credit is due.)

12 Mermail (no idea which type any of these are atm)
4 Fire Fist / Dino Fist (notated on-site as “Bear Deck”)
6 Dino Rabbit
2 Wind-Ups
2 Frog Monarch
1 Six Samurai
1 Prophecy
1 Karakuri
1 Geargia Karakuri
1 Machina Gadget
1 Gishki OTK

The Top 32 was actually pretty diverse, but Mermails still took more than a third of the seats. YCS Seattle 2012’s 2nd place finisher Norberto Leon made it as a part of this group, as well as noted loop-user Allen Pennington who used Gishki OTK. Three ARG members topped, including Frazier Smith, Mike Steinman and Jeff Jones, and TCGPlayer’s Thomas Vo topped as well. (Edit: Johnny Li, also a member of ARG as their Deck Doctor, topped as well.)

6 Mermail
3 Dino Fist
3 Dino Rabbit
2 Frog Monarch
1 Wind-Up
1 Machina Gadget

3 Mermail (2 Mono, 1 Genex)
2 Dino Rabbit
1 Dino Fist
1 Wind-Up
1 Frog Monarch

1 of each top deck
(Mono Mermail, Dino Fist, Dino Rabbit &Wind-Up)

Here are all of the deck profiles that I’ve found so far: (14 as of 04/10/13)
Top 32 Kento Toshikawa – Magileine Prophecy:
Top 32 Allen Pennington - Gishki Deckout FTK:
Top 32 Bo Tang - Six Samurai:
Top 32 Johnny Li - Mono Mermail:
Top 32 Frazier Smith – Dino Fist:
Top 16 Thomas Vo – Dino Fist:
Top 16 Ben Hoffner-Brodsky - Machina Gadget:
Top 16 Austyn Ruoff - Frog Monarch:
Top 8 Jeff Jones - Mono Mermail:
Top 8 Anthony Eckman - Mono Mermail:
4th place Nick Tomlin - Wind-Up:
3rd Place William Montes - Dino Rabbit:
2nd Place Mike Steinman - Fire Fist:
1st Place Angel Ascensio - Mono Mermail:

Thanks for checking out my coverage and I hope you enjoyed it! Til next time.

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