Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants


Assuming this is real, there could be a lot of good reprints besides just the three Egyptian Gods. The only thing that makes me kind of doubt this is the use of the term "bad-ass" in the promotional statement, but who knows? Maybe Konami is going a little more adult. That'd be cool. Also, an internet retailer like this would be expected to have this kind of knowledge before anybody else so I feel like it's decently reputable.

So anyways, the statement makes a big deal out of "giants" - powerful, high-level monsters that will be the main focus of this specific instance of the Battle Pack. That could mean a lot of key reprints - monsters like Vanity's Fiend, Thestalos (and other Monarchs not previously included in the first BP), Light and Darkness Dragon, and so on. While those would be helpful to some degree, I'm honestly more concerned about everything else. Since Forbidden Chalice and Lance were in the first BP, I'm hopeful that Forbidden Dress (which has seen a spike in price recently as per a boost in popularity in OCG Evilswarm decks) will be reprinted as well. Also, certain cards that are perceived as useful in Sealed but very difficult to get right now (like Cardcar D) might see a reprint, and that would be fucking AMAZING considering that card's pervasive use in the meta right now. Try not to get your hopes too high though, as we remember that the first Battle Pack wasn't exactly all good reprints.

But Mosaic Rare?! That sounds cool as hell. I'm really excited for this pack, and I hope that it really is true. Anyways, leave a comment and tell me what YOU would love to see reprinted (within the bounds of reason). Thanks for reading and see you later. :)

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