Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Astral Pack 2 Holos Revealed! Set Review pt. 1

Here you have it! All of the holos from the next Astral Pack, slated for debut THIS Friday (04/19/13). Here's what I think:


Atlantean Dragoons - Here, Konami is solidifying their support of Mermails by offering players another holo version of Dragoons. It looks freaking awesome, but if I still played Mermails I think I'd rather have a Super Marksman so that you could have every core Atlantean at the same rarity. But it's Konami, what do you expect?

Photon Papilloperative - A LOT of people wanted and predicted this, and here it is. Again, it looks great and it's a good choice for Ultimate (commonly played card, etc.), but I'm a cheapskate so I'll just hang on to my Rares.

Spellbook of Power - There's a lot of playable Spellbooks, so they probably had a hard time choosing which non-holo to upgrade. Pretty decent choice in my opinion.


Interplanetarypurplythorny Dragon - To me, this screams that they're planning to release this card's counterpart sometime soon. He isn't amazing, but I'm always in favor of matching up the two metas.

Geargiaccelerator - Looks nice with your super Armors, but Geargia as a whole is struggling to compete against Marksman and Bear. Still a decent choice to me at least.

Atlantean Heavy Infantry - Again, Konami showing some love to Mermails. Maybe they want you to enjoy them while they last?

Slushy - It's unclear exactly why this card is such a cult favorite, but Konami appears to have taken notice. Decent choice.

Hawk / Raven - Wasted spaces in my opinion; these aren't used in any contemporary Fire Fist build I can think of. If you had to make a Fire Fist card holo, how about Gorilla? Spirit? Tenki? Or better yet, BEAR??? Of course I know Astral Packs aren't for the hardcore reprints like Bear (and he's already holo), but I can always dream.

Harpies' Hunting Ground - Eh. This slot would've been better spent on Harpie's Pet Dragon or Harpie Queen.

Gemini Spark - Hero players have been begging for this for a while now. Well you finally got it, so you can sit down and shut up. (Can you tell I don't like Hero Beat? Lol)

Spiritual Water Art - Aoi - Again, more love for Water stuff. But this isn't even being played that much right now, so I don't think it was a very good choice.

Trap Stun - Cool, but this has already been made holo in Gold Series (four or five, I can't remember because those were both terrible sets). So I guess I take that back; this isn't really that cool at all.

So overall, I'll give the holos a 4/10. Not as good as the first Astral Pack by far, but there are still some really good pulls in here. When the full list of commons is revealed, I'll go over those too. Thanks for reading!

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