Saturday, April 13, 2013

Judgment of the Light Analysis #1 - Quick Thoughts

For my first post analyzing JOTL since the full OCG spoiler's release, I just want to take a moment to give some quick comments. Here's my general pros and cons:

1. Introduces a bunch of new archetypes - Super-Defense Robo, Holy Lightning, Umbral, War God, and Fascinating Fiend

2. Several new playable singles, including Flying "C", Kamenleon, and Fascinating Trap Hole

3. The (hopefully permanent) return of Synchro monsters to core set releases, including the release of a new high-level boss monster for Synchro-focused strategies

4. Archfiend support, although that really should've been saved for the next set in my opinion. It's most likely going to be a Dark support set anyways

5. A huge number of new Extra Deck cards - approximately eighteen at my last count

1. Very few new cards to support any of the older Light decks - fans of Ojama, Lightsworn, Batteryman, Worm, Fabled, Constellar, Hieratic and Agent decks really got shafted. At least Heralds got a new card... big deal. I'm an Agent player, so you know this bothers me really badly lol.

2. No Light Elemental Lord - though I guess some people don't really consider Light an element, it still kind of sucks. Then again, the Lightray monsters do exist so I guess it's not really necessary.

3. A lack of generic Light support completely - in my initial reading of the set, I didn't find a single card that supported the Light attribute (or some division of it) as a whole. Pretty big letdown for people like me who enjoy those types of cards.

Overall, I think JOTL is a pretty good set, like most sets these days. It has something for almost any kind of player, and packs a decent number of cards that I believe could change the meta. That's all for now, thanks for reading!

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