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Locals Report - 04/19/13: A new deck shows its power!

Welcome to another tournament report! This one is special because it marks the first time that I changed decks, from Agents to Frog Monarchs. So without further ado, here's the build I used:

I think the main is pretty standard except for a couple of things. I elected not to run Foolish Burial, thinking Swap Frog could handle my setup perfectly fine on its own and not liking the harsh minus of using Burial. That was true to an extent, but some games were definitely lost because of not drawing him or Treeborn. Speaking of Treeborn, one Creature Swap is BEAST in combination with him. And I think people that don't run three Typhoon are a little crazy, since Fiendish, Abyss-sphere and Macro Cosmos are being thrown around so much nowadays. I also would have run Treacherous if I had one, but oh well.

My side is kind of all over the place, since I only had a few days to put it together. If you'd like to see explanations, check out this post.

As for the Extra, note that the two blacked out cards are two copies of Slacker Magician. (DN's been under attack lately, as I'm sure you all know.) I'm still not totally sure that I need two Slackers, but the Extra's not a very tight fit for this deck, so I have the room to test it for now. I'd also LOVE to replace one Gachi for a Daigusto Phoenix - if I could fucking find one. Ugh. The only things really of concern in my Extra are the use of 1 Zenmaines and 1 Maestroke over 1 Force Focus and 1 Sword Breaker, simply because I don't have those cards yet. But once Constellar Ptolemy and Gauntlet Shooter come out, I won't need those two anyways.

Now that we have deck detail out of the way, let's talk about the tournament! Rather high attendance again this week, so we had six rounds.

Round 1 vs Herald Agents
This is the same guy I played in Round 2 on November 16. An older gentleman who is the father of an Inzektor/Infernity player, I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out. He did seem depressed to find out that I was his opponent though, for what it's worth.

G1: He draws awful while I open with Swap. Late game I topdeck two Caius in a row to seal it
G2: He summons Herald first turn and has Dark Factory to go with it, then gets out Utopia next turn. I stall with Slacker for a bit, hoping to draw something good. Finally, I'm saved by Duality revealing my one and only copy of Lava Golem! Hallelujah!


Round 2 vs Hieratics

G1: He draws shitty and takes repeated hits until he dies
G2: Dimensional Fissure, Prohibition and KK Drago lock me out of the game and I get killed over the course of three turns
G3: Since he Prohibited my Treeborn, I'm free to set both my Enemy Controllers to back up Caius. Although I should've stolen his Tefnuit as soon as he summoned it, I still neutered his entire OTK by stealing his Su and then his REDMD. Dark Dust Spirit and Ronintoadin took it for me!


Round 3 vs Hieratics

Both games I Maxx "C"d him and he played through it anyways, looping into KK Drago and forcing me to scoop because I didn't draw Veiler. I drew over ten cards both games and mained three Veilers game 2, so why the fuck couldn't I draw it?


Round 4 vs Bear Wind-Ups

G1: I open with double LADD and no Swap. I manage to bring one of them out, but his Fiendish Chain shut me down when I tried to negate D-Prison.
G2: I probably misplayed by chaining my Twister to his Fiendish (on my Caius), because I then attacked right into a Snowman Eater and he was cleared to attack with Bear. I drew a bunch of level 6s and still no Swap, which basically meant that I lost. I hate Wind-Ups so much.


Round 5 vs Final Countdown
This is the same guy I played in Round 3 on March 15.

G1: I was actually pretty scared I'd lose this one because Monarchs don't have the natural advantage that Hyperion provides against rogue decks, but I managed to win anyways (partly because he didn't get Countdown on the first turn). He mains Macro, which was interesting.
G2: I drew Twister for his Mask of Restrict, and later got Typhoon for his Macro. The game was sealed when I sacked my two Caius for LADD and, with his life at 1400, he had to scoop because I'd just negate both of his stall traps. YES!


Round 6 vs Fairies (Valhalla Counter Fairy Darklord Agents)

G1: Backrow impotency combined with him repeatedly trying to activate his Black Horn incorrectly helped me win, but it still took a decent amount of time.
G2: My advantage dropped low at one point, but Creature Swap on Darklord Superbia combined with a late-game Vanity's Fiend sealed it for me. Sweet!


Not bad for a first tournament, and one rife with misplays at that lol. Weird that I played Agent variants twice in one tournament... maybe they're calling me back, huh? I need some space right now though. Maybe even permanently, although I've heard Transturn makes the deck better. What they REALLY need is Uranus or Neptune, or some new monsters period. Anyways, here are all of the cards that I got that night, including my very first Astral Pack 2!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you guys next time.

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