Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reasons to run Heliopolis in Agents

I've been redesigning my Extra Deck over the past week or two, and just when I thought I was pretty much done I stumbled upon another thing I could change - running my single copy of Heliopolis. I realized that ever since I cut my lone Tragoedia from the main, having only three level eights would make it pretty difficult to pull out the Sun God. But even though I'm most likely going to go ahead and cut it, there are still reasons why you might consider Heliopolis, and I thought it might be fun to put them down and possibly help aspiring Agent players.

Situations for summoning Heliopolis

1) You have two Hyperions (or any two level eights) and need to destroy another card, yet either a) both Hyperions have already used their effects, or b) one or both of them can't, due to either having their effects negated or a lack of Light Fairies in the graveyard.

2) You've used Monster Reborn or Mind Control on a level eight monster of your opponent's, and want to try and keep it from going back to the Graveyard for whatever reason. This is especially relevant against Dark World, since Grapha and Hyperion are both level eight.

So yeah, that's it. At least, that's all I could come up. As you can see, these examples don't exactly come up often in a build only running three level eights and no Mind Control, so I'll most likely go ahead and drop him. Even if you are running Mind Control and more than just the three Hyperion, these situations are awfully rare... you might be better off using that slot for something else.

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