Saturday, June 22, 2013

BREAKING: Abyssmegalo, Cardcar, Breakthrough CONFIRMED for Battle Pack 2

Just in: A French eBay page appears to have revealed a list of powerful reprints in the upcoming Battle Pack 2, including the following:

MPB Hamstrat
Cardcar D
Forbidden Dress
Forbidden Lance
Breakthrough Skill
Plaguespreader Zombie
Photon Thrasher
Shard of Greed
Battle Fader
Monster Reborn
Tour Bus From the Underworld
Necro Gardna
Chaos Hunter

Source: Vexacus4666, Mkohl40,

Looks like this Battle Pack will end up being a good buy after all! Leave comments below about what you think! (But no "aw, i dont wnt more people 2 hav megaloes... >=(" please.)

Just for reference, let's post some current (highest) Troll and Toad prices that are sure to be impacted by this news, before they're actually impacted:

Cardcar D - 41.99
Megalo - 73.99
Tour Bus - 10.99
Plaguespreader Zombie - 19.99 (ultimate)
Shard of Greed - 4.89 (I could've sworn this card was worth like $20...)
Forbidden Dress - 12.99
Forbidden Lance - 24.99
Breakthrough Skill - 39.99 (ultimate)
Chaos Hunter - 19.99

"You didn't REALLY think I wouldn't get reprinted, did you...?"

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