Sunday, June 16, 2013

Locals Report - 06/07/13

Welcome to this week's local tournament report! The deck I used is the exact same as last week. So let's jump in!

Round 1 vs Malefic Geartown
G1: This was a bit long, but I broke through his giant Malefics and lucked out on my choices with Malefic World, eventually catching him in the Swap+Caius loop.
G2: He started out pretty well by getting out Gadjiltron and Malefic Stardust on the first turn... but then combined them to bring out Tachyon Dragon. He also set a monster. I opened with Treacherous. GG.

Typically I would've just not said anything, but I couldn't resist pointing out how bad of a mistake that was after I got Tachyon off the field. What if I hadn't opened with Treacherous? Then he could've probably easily beaten me with the two heavyweights. I said something to the effect of "Why did you summon Tachyon? You had a really good field going there for a second," and he replied with, "Well, I almost never get to make that card, so I just wanted to see what it could do. I guess I just felt like it."

I boldfaced that because I found it such a strange coincidence that he would say that exact phrase (or something very close to it). After all, most people know that the #1 Rule of Getting Better at YGO is don't make a play just because you feel like it.


Round 2 vs Lightsworn
Both games my opponent seemed to just set monsters over and over again. I'm not sure what exactly happened... my guess is that he had drawn unluckily and didn't know how to play out of it, but either way this match ended quickly.


Round 3 vs Blue-Eyes Dragon Rulers
G1: This was extremely long, but he began running out of Dragons. Near the very end, I used Tragoedia to make Gauntlet Launcher in defense just in case he'd come up with a way to summon his third copy of Blaster. Sure enough, he did, and was unable to attack over Launcher. I was able to summon Dark Dust and attack for the win.
G2: This went into time quickly. I was in a position to win after landing a direct shot or two with Swap Frog, but he OTK'd me with Trident Dragion. God damn it, the ONE time I get caught without a Fader. -___- At least I'm going into Round 4 with no losses, which only rarely happens.


Round vs 4 Mono Mermail
A wild little kid appears! This one unexpectedly turned out to be quite an ass who played with very little respect, but I guess that's not surprising because what nine year old knows respect anyways, especially when they have rich parents? Sadly, I had to be the one to teach him some.
G1: The douchebag started dancing when he put together a big combo despite having been Maxx "C"d, but he wasn't dancing anymore when he crashed his Abyssgaios right into Treacherous.
G2: After a while I locked him with Vanity's Fiend, then banished my own Caius to drop him to 1400 while I still had 8000. Also, this happened on the third turn of time.


I felt amazing by this point. All I had to do was win one of the next two rounds in order to have a great shot at topping. Surely I can keep it together for that long, right?

Round 5 vs Blaster Lavals
Naturally I got to the table relatively quickly since the last round took so long, but once I had all of my things out I was told that there would be a repairing since one of the undefeated players' previous opponents lied about a match outcome. I couldn't help but wonder if I'd end up getting matched up against something easier or harder than Lavals, a deck that I haven't even played a full match against in my entire life. After waiting for a tense few moments, the repair was up. It was time.

Round 5 vs Dragon Rulers

G1: Eventually overwhelmed by a field of two Big Eyes, REDMD, and Dracossack. I had Gorz, but Big Eye is stupid. I was forced to scoop when he dropped LADD.
G2: Looking back, I wouldn't be surprised if my opponent played slowly on purpose during Game 1, because he cheated during this game. He said his turn was over and I asked to make sure, then drew. I shuffled my hand and passed after a few moments of thought, at which point he said he didn't know why I drew an extra card and that he meant to say he was going to "keep going." Well then why did you say yes when it was my turn and not immediately say something when I drew? Next time, I'm calling a judge. Anyways, I lost in time to Abyssgaios.


Something a bit unexpected happened here - since there was only one undefeated player left after the conclusion of this round, they decided to just cut to top 8. If I had to guess, I'd say that the new meta is what's making matches run so long and omit game 3s, causing so many people to end in draws.

It seems that every week there is a different reason for me not topping, and I'm actually pretty pissed that this week it ended up being the shop itself. If we had one more round, I could've possibly won and almost certainly topped by ending 4-1-1.

I'm actually quite happy with my record itself this week, even though all of my wins were against people who were either new, inexperienced or simply unlucky. Hopefully things will work out better next time. The cards I got this week are on the right, and I'll see you guys later!

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