Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fire King Deck Profile #3, 06/13/13

Hey guys, here's my latest theoretical version of Fire Kings! Yes, it is still theoretical (well, mostly) as I haven't played the theme since January or so. I still haven't really felt like testing it, since being able to play the deck in real life continues to be a long ways off with the lack of Bear, Blaster and Lance. Anyways, let me stop delaying the most exciting part:

Since I explained a lot of the deck last time, this time I'll only cover the changes since then.

1. I moved down to two of the younger Garunix, partly to make room for Blaster and partly because three just feels like overkill for a card you have to sit on and wait for your opponent to kill. (Or crash into a monster and take a bunch of damage since the fucker only has 700 ATK.)

2. I moved Gorilla to the Side Deck, since most Spells and Traps really don't threaten this deck Game 1 and I also needed room for Blaster, who ironically can wreck Spells and Traps himself. Even though I side three Typhoon, everybody knows the pain of not drawing their Side Deck. Especially for a deck like this that auto-loses to a number of easily sided cards, having a searchable out on top of the three Typhoons is really great.

3. By this point you've heard a lot about Blaster - he's a really nice addition to the deck on so many levels. The main reason you play him is so you don't auto-lose to Evilswarm or any other decks that play weird, unorthodox cards that might screw you up. He also helps the strategy massively by giving you a way to get Garunixes into the grave should you happen to draw them, and provides an extra source of damage flow to kill enemies faster. But really, screw Ophion.

4. I decided to go ahead and switch back to Lance since I'm no longer rushing to play this deck irl, as noted earlier.

5. No more Trade-In, because we have Blaster to ditch Garunixes as mentioned earlier. Ironically, this was also the third cut for Blaster himself.

6. I put some hand traps in the Side to help counter decks that Garunix's raw strength may not be able to handle all on its own, especially after those decks have the opportunity to side themselves. Veiler especially is great for cutting off monster effects that can remove Garunix without destroying it - I would probably main deck it, but there just isn't much room.

I'm considering Iron Wall for the side since it wrecks Dragons and slows Prophecy while also letting Garunix avoid banishing effects, but I haven't really found room for it yet. I also just thought about it while typing #3, so there's that.

7. I've revised a lot of the Extra Deck:

a) No more Zenmaines; with one less copy of younger Garunix it's even less likely that you'll summon it. Plus, those baby birds are meant to be stepped on or bait out non-destruction removal, so overlaying them would be a rather rare situation to begin with.

b) Added one Exa-Beetle for those just-in-case scenarios; it gives you one more out for those annoying unorthodox cards or sided hate. One Gaia Charger also helps take advantage of the Rank 6s, especially Beetleborg himself.

c) I added Dire Wolf and Roach mostly just to fill out the remaining slots so they wouldn't go to waste. Those cards are still good though - Wolf can be another out to random problem cards and Roach is okay here since he enjoys the backup of triple Lance and double Mirror. But in general, going into the extra deck is rare for this deck.

I'm considering adding one Level 8 Synchro to the Extra since it's so flexible. Blaster is easy to bring back constantly, so drawing just one Veiler can open up plays with Crimson Blader, Scrap Dragon and a bunch of other things. The only problem is that in matchups where you side in Veiler, typically it would be better to actually negate something instead of summoning it. I could also add other rare summons like a Level 5 Synchro or a Rank 7 Xyz, but generally for now I'm sticking to the most likely / most useful summons. If you have an opinion on this, I'd definitely love to hear it in the comments.

Well, that's it for now guys! If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to comment. I hope to post another deck I've been toying around with sometime soon, so until then, bring the heat!

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