Saturday, June 29, 2013

Locals Report - 06/28/13: Unexpected Turnarounds

Welcome to a new local tournament report! Here's the deck I used:

There's been a  few changes over the past few weeks since I last played at locals on 06/07/13:

1. Dropped Creature Swap to go back to three Enemy Controller. Swap can be nearly useless in so many different circumstances. Controller still sucks to clog, but setting up Treeborn is a lot easier now than when I first started so it doesn't come up as often.

2. I dropped the two Lava Golems in the Side for a Volcanic Queen and a Metaion. I noticed often that the deck really needs another board clear for certain matchups, and Queen is easier for clearing lockdown monsters because you don't have to wait for the opponent to summon another one.

Now that we've covered that, let's move on to the tournament!

Round 1 vs Dark World
This is the same guy I played against on 02/24/13 and 03/15/13; both times he was also playing Dark World.
G1: On my first turn, he activated Dark Smog (I had a Treeborn in grave from his earlier Dealings) but I had Typhoon. WHEW. This one unexpectedly started to turn in my favor when I used Dark Dust to clear his Leviair, Grapha and Trance, then I drew a Caius next turn. I think the most surprising thing about this game other than me winning was that he actually started tearing up when I began to turn things around. Very strange.
G2: Lol he started with just one backrow, and when I summoned Swap he faked a moment of thought, then activated Skill Drain - to which I chained Twister. Who's smiling now, eh? He told me later that he started with all Spells and Traps; he only managed to get out a Sillva thanks to Dealings, which then triggered my Trag when it attacked directly. He surrendered when I targeted his lone monster (Zenmaines) with Soul Exchange while I controlled both Trag and Caius.


Round 2 vs Mermails
G1: I didn't draw Swap early enough, and he used Big Eye to keep stealing whatever monsters I could get out.
G2: I Raiza-locked him since he only had Abysslinde.
G3: My hand was actually pretty good, but he blew up on me with Diva and Megalo+Gunde while he already controlled an Abyssleed, even though I had Gorz. What the fuck. But I really lost because we both forgot that I Veiler'd his Megalo and he tributed Diva to let it attack twice, so I should've had like 1800 left. Sigh.


Round 3 vs Priestessless Prophecy
I was really all over the place in this match; I didn't feel like focusing 100% since Prophecy is usually an auto-loss. I know that's not the right thing to do, but sometimes I just need to relax and realize it's only a children's card game.
G1: Jowgen, 2 SB Magicians, a Kycoo and a shitload of counters on Star Halls took me out.
G2: I got LADD out (the only saving grace in this matchup), but it was soon lowered to 1800. Long story short, this went into time and he was unable to get me below 5600 while he was still missing the 2800 life that LADD bit out of him. Fucking miracle!


Round 4 vs ...Dragunity?
This was a little kid and his deck had a lot of random cards (Labyrinth Wall anyone?), so I won't waste too much time.
G1: I drew literally no setup for Treeborn until the last turn of the game. I ended up having to set my Veiler and tribute it for Controller to take his Utopia and change it into Utopia Ray. (The first time I've ever actually summoned Ray, lol)
G2: My hand was a lot better this time around, though I stumbled after my Raiza swung into a Mirror Force and he Reborned it. I took it back with Controller and tuned it to Veiler for Black Rose and swung with that instead for a bit, then later topped a Caius.


Round 5 vs Evols
G1: I don't know if either I was just playing badly or he had outs for everything, but looking back I think it was probably a 20-80 split. He had Veiler+Bottomless for my Jinzo, and shredded both of my LADD effects with Dolkka after using Veiler to prompt it.
G2: I started with Swap + Duality, but before I could reveal three my opponent had to leave. I don't know why, but this really took me off guard. I was literally quite stunned that out of nowhere, I suddenly had a chance to top.


Andddd... I did!!! I topped for the first time since March 15, winning six packs of Battle Pack 2. I didn't pull anything great in them as you can see below, nor did I get anything good from the five Battle Packs I actually bought earlier in the night. But I'm tremendously happy about topping, having beaten Dark World, and pulling an ultimate Photon Thrasher. Enjoy the pictures, and I'll see you later!

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