Sunday, June 16, 2013

Constellar Deck Profile #1, 06/16/13

Another one of the decks I'm hoping to switch to after I'm done with Monarchs is Constellars, a great Light attribute theme with plenty of power. As it stands I don't have very many of the cards (at ALL), but I still think the deck can be a top contender if played well. From what I know it has good matchups against Dragon Rulers and Evilswarm, and can combat Prophecy with the help of a certain Rank 5 monster. Anyways, let's get into the list I have right now:

This list has taken a lot of inspiration from decks like Jeff Jones's recent profile and the 2nd place deck from 2013 Finnish Nationals, but it still has my own unique touch and it's adapted for my local meta (Triple Typhoon, Dark Hole, etc.). Let's get into some of the less-obvious choices:

1. Yes, I only play one Sheratan. Anyone who's played Agents knows that as good as 'Stratos' monsters can be, they still need decent ATK to be worth a shit. (And being the same level as the other core monsters in an Xyz-based deck helps too.) I still think Sheratan is worth the single copy though, just because it searches Sombre.

2. Yes, I main deck both Veiler and Maxx "C". Veiler helps to shut off your opponent's comebacks or big moves in general, while Maxx "C" helps to replace the advantage lost by repeatedly Xyz Summoning and not playing Star Chart or Star Cradle.

3. One Lance just so you don't lose to Bottomless and so it's easier to keep Pleiades out. I might go up to two depending on how it works out.

4. Even though we're using three Dimensional Fissure in the side, we still have to play two Soul Drain just to make sure that the Dragons stay tamed. As much as I'd like to, I don't think using Iron Wall is good because it shuts off the best card in the deck, Sombre.

5. I'm siding two Soul Takers at the moment because the deck flat-out loses to Thunder King. It's also helpful against, well, everything it's always been helpful against.

6. I honestly don't know why I've never seen this in a Constellar Deck before or thought of it myself, but three Eradicator in the Side is easy to use by playing a lone copy of Adreus in the Extra. That instantly makes the Prophecy matchup a lot more competitive, as well as any other decks that direly rely on Spells or Traps. Thanks Finland!

7. I'm not totally convinced that multiple copies of Ptolemy is necessary, and that's a big deal for a deck that practically lives out of its Extra - you need as many options as possible, and for the time being I think that running more variety is superior to multiple Ptolemys.

8. I personally think Praesepe is a good card, but I can see the argument for needing to run two Shock Masters instead. Just another one of those things I'll have to figure out in time.

If you have any suggestions for what other cards I should side, let me know! I'd love to hear them. I'll profile this deck again in the coming weeks after I have time to start testing it. But as with Fire Kings, I'm not particularly in any rush to do so since I'm currently missing so many of the cards (3 Sombre, 2 Algiedi, 3 Pollux, 3 Kaus, 1 Bear, 1 Lance, 2 Pleiades, 1 Ptolemy, 1 Omega, 1 Adreus... yeah). But hopefully I'll get these sooner than later. Til next time!

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