Monday, June 17, 2013

Second HUGE Reveal from Shadow Specters!

It's been exactly one month and one day since the first big reveal from Shadow Specters that showed off 23 new cards, including an introduction to the Ghostrick theme and confirmation that Bujin would be coming back with a vengeance. Today, yet another reveal has come out! Here's a quick breakdown of the 32 new cards that have been revealed over the past 12 hours:

3 new Battlin' Boxer cards
4 Dragon-related anime cards
2 new Mecha Phantom Beast cards
8 new Vampire / Zombie-related cards
2 new Spirit cards
2 new Monarch / Tribute Summon-related cards
2 new Xyz Monsters
2 new Synchro Monsters
1 new "Pot" card
2 new Equip Spell support cards

That sounds like a lot, but there are still a few other cards that I could NOT classify with a snappy name - 071, 072, 076, and 078.

Also, there are also some cards that were leaked between the first big reveal and today. I could be wrong about this, but to the best of my knowledge those cards are 050, 059, 060, and 063. This brings the total number of cards we know of in the set to 59, meaning there are only 21 left. Exciting stuff!

Next, I want to run through a couple of the newest reveals that caught my eye:

029 Vampire Sorcerer
It can occasionally be a little hard to consistently see your monsters destroyed by battle these days, but you just can't ignore how good this card is. It searches a HUGE chunk of the Vampire deck (Monsters, Spells, AND Traps), and no matter how it got into the graveyard you can still banish it to make your higher level monsters easier to summon, leading to easy combos with Shadow Vampire. Absolutely awesome.

056 Divine Dragoon Felgrand 
Even though there are currently four generic playable two-way Rank 8 Xyz Monsters (Heliopolis, Tachyon, #15 and #40), that Rank always feels a little lacking. Part of the reason why is probably the fact that half of those aforementioned monsters are either not even out yet or not widely available for use, but that's why this card's release is cool to me. It's basically like a more limited version of Abyssgaios, but with higher ATK.

065 Pot of Duplicity
The newest addition to the Pot family, Pot of Duplicity seems to be a pretty decent card! At the moment it is unclear if this card is attempting to references Monster Types (like Aqua or Pyro) or Monster Card Types (like Synchro and Xyz), but for this review we will assume the former. It provides a big boost of draw power to decks like Wind-Ups, Mermails, Evilswarm, and Constellars, and while I'm not quite sure that those decks actually needed such a card, you can bet that there are going to be heaps and heaps of less competitive decks that will also be able to benefit from the existence of this card. Are we looking at the next future subject of banlist discussions? Only time will tell.

076 Mistake
Finally, we have a permanent version of Deck Lockdown! So all of you decks out there that love to go searching over and fucking over again... Mermails, Prophecy, Dragon Rulers (if you don't have Blaster), Gadgets... prepare to get a big bone up your ass.
The card's name IS a little strange, but I've found a comment on Facebook that may explain it:

So that about wraps it up for now! Finally, I'd like to thank my sources:
1. Cordero Vexacus Spencer []
2. Yugioh Edition Singapore []
3. Yugioh Wikia []

Thanks for reading! See you guys later.

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