Tuesday, June 18, 2013

COMPLETE TCG Spoiler for Saga of BEWD

This is a bit unexpected, but I've found the complete spoiler of the Blue-Eyes structure slated for release on September 13. Check it out!

SDSD-EN040 Azure-Eyed Silver Dragon Ultra Rare 1
SDSD-EN001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ultra Rare 1
SDSD-EN005 Azure-Eyed Maiden Super Rare 1
SDSD-EN020 Dragon Mausoleum Super Rare 1
SDSD-EN025 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN003 Alexandrite Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN021 Bellow of the Silver Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN022 Burst Stream of Destruction Common 1
SDSD-EN038 Call of the Haunted Common 1
SDSD-EN027 Cards of Consonance Common 1
SDSD-EN039 Champion’s Vigilance Common 1
SDSD-EN037 Damage Condenser Common 1
SDSD-EN007 Darkstorm Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN010 Divine Dragon Apocralyph Common 1
SDSD-EN023 Dragon Ravine Common 1
SDSD-EN034 Dragonsoul Castle Common 1
SDSD-EN033 Enemy Controller Common 1
SDSD-EN035 Fiendish Chain Common 1
SDSD-EN004 Flamvell Guard Common 1
SDSD-EN008 Genesis Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN011 Hardened Armed Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN014 Herald of Creation Common 1
SDSD-EN016 Honest Common 1
SDSD-EN013 Kaibaman Common 1
SDSD-EN015 Kaiser Sea Horse Common 1
SDSD-EN036 Kunai with Chain Common 1
SDSD-EN019 Level Eater Common 1
SDSD-EN018 Maxx “C” Common 1
SDSD-EN009 Mirage Dragon Common 1
SDSD-EN031 Monster Reborn Common 1
SDSD-EN030 One for One Common 1
SDSD-EN002 Rabidragon Common 1
SDSD-EN017 Shining Angel Common 2
SDSD-EN032 Soul Exchange Common 1
SDSD-EN006 Storm Dragon Guard Common 1
SDSD-EN029 Symbols of Duty Common 1
SDSD-EN024 Terraforming Common 1
SDSD-EN012 The White Stone of Legend Common 1
SDSD-EN026 Trade-In Common 1
SDSD-EN028 White Elephant’s Gift Common 1

[Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151389639161511]

Personally, I think this is a pretty decent release. It's not bursting at the seams with amazing cards or anything, but the reprints of Maxx "C", Flamvell Guard, Monster Reborn, One for One, Soul Exchange,  Trade-In and Fiendish Chain are nice, not to mention how good the new cards are. Now let's cross our fingers and hope for a Dark Magician deck to follow suit!

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