Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fire King Deck Profile #2, 05/08/13

Here's my first Fire King deck profile in almost four months! I've recently become interested in the deck again thanks to the approaching release of Baby Garunix in LTGY. Please note that this is only a theoretical deck. It is not finished, and has NO testing whatsoever.

Let's go through some of the non self-explanatory choices:

1. Only two Goka until we get Yaksha. Baby Garunix is NOT triggered by your own destruction effects; this is also part of why there's only two Call of the Haunted

2. Gorilla is unbelievably good in a deck that lacks the space to main Typhoon. Bear is also broken as usual, but especially essential as he's pretty much your only game 1 answer to Ophion. Hopefully I can find a Bear soon (or it'll get reprinted in this year's tins) so that I can play this deck IRL more confidently.

3. This deck's main weakness is extreme aggression (like almost every deck these days), so triple Swift Scarecrow, along with double Torrential and Mirror, helps to make OTKs much less likely. It's generally better than Battle Fader (which I had theorized previously) because it keeps your field bare, making  Onslaught live more often.

4. Duality might seem a little contradictory, but it's an absolute godsend in the early game when you're trying desperately to get the ball rolling.

5. One Trade-In because you can always Barong for a copy of (adult!) Garunix to pitch for it, so it's rarely dead.

6. Triple Trap Stun is mainly because I'm not wasting $60-$70 on triple Forbidden Lance. The main cards you're trying so hard to avoid in the first place are all traps anyways (Bottomless, D-Prison and Compulsory), so why not? Don't get me wrong, it IS worse because you can't play it the same turn you draw it, but that's what I get for being poor. At least it stops Starlight and hinders backrow-heavy decks.

That should cover everything unorthodox, so if you have any questions, leave a comment down below. Thanks for reading!

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