Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Have the 10 OCG Imports for LTGY been revealed?

This is unconfirmed at this time. 

According to this video, the ten OCG Imports for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy will be:

Constellar Sombres
Evilswarm Kerykeion
Duck Fighter
Sonic Warrior
Number 69
Constellar Omega

Personally I think the list is too good to be true, but you never know. And by good, I don't mean good for the game, I mean good as in... well, it would just be too... convenient for this to really be Konami's doing. I know that reflects rather poorly on them (perhaps more than they deserve, especially when you consider them having very little control over how Jump promos get released overseas), but I feel like it's just the most telltale sign of this being fake. It's like some fairytale where all of the most relevant cards come out (nearly) as soon as humanly convenient; when the hell does that ever happen?

I should mention though that Duck Fighter IS indeed confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt - another sign that may indicate this list is not real is that Duck Fighter's official image has been analyzed and its set number is said to be LTGY-EN099. Assuming this is true, then it would be breaking Konami's habit of ordering imports by their card type in core set releases for Constellar Omega and Number 69 to even be in the set (since they are Xyz, their numbers would have to come after Duck Fighter's as he is an Effect Monster. But that's impossible, because he is literally the last card in the set). But again, I want to stress that anything is possible and you can never be sure with Konami.

I know I didn't get a post up on the latest World Premiere card as soon as it was revealed yesterday afternoon, but rest assured I did see the article extremely close to its post time and I do have an article of my own coming up later on today. It probably won't get into the hundreds of views like my other cutting-edge preview posts have, but that's totally okay with me.

Kevin Tewart also mentioned on Pojo recently that you should keep an eye out for more details on the Number Hunters booster set (which up until now has not yet been covered on this blog, ironically due to a lack of available details) throughout this week. I don't know how he knows exactly when press statements are going to be released if they aren't coming from Konami itself, but whatever, I'm excited. Thanks for reading!

Edit #1 (05/03/13 9:52am): Right now it seems as if against all the odds, the above list of OCG imports IS indeed true. Check out this post for more information.

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