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Locals Report - 05/24/13

Hey guys, welcome to another local tournament report. Here's the deck I used this week:

As you can probably tell, there are a LOT of changes since last week. Instead of running through them all here and making this report longer than it needs to be, I've created a second post where you can go check out all of the changes in detail. So if you're interested, go check that out! If not, stick around for the rest of the report.

Just before the tournament, a guy I was trying to trade with loaned me his Treeborn Frog so that I could use a third copy as discussed in the changes post. Would it help as expected?

Round 1 vs Dark World
G1: Opened with Treeborn! Awesome. But after a couple turns, he goes into a ten-minute deck searching loop that ends with a field of multiple Graphas and Leviair. Even though he seems like a good player, apparently he doesn't know that you can't OTK Frog Monarchs lol. I stuck in there for three more turns, avoiding game-winning attack after the next, but ultimately died.
G2: I opened with Swap this time, pretty good. He opened with Tour Guide for Zenmaines and one backrow, and I summoned Raiza to return his one set and ended. Next turn, I summoned Jinzo and went into Exa-Beetle to send Zenmaines to the graveyard, then went into Gaia Charger to attack for 26. He set some more backrow next turn, but I simply attacked him again. Eventually he started playing around with his Dark Smogs to banish my frogs and destroy my shit though, so I lost.

Okay, I'm seriously sending a letter to Konami. Enough with this bullshit. I had to return the Treeborn after this round since the generous guy had to leave, and I had no idea if that would dramatically hurt my chances to top.

Round 2 vs Random Water Cards
My opponent this round was a very, very little girl, probably between the ages of 3 and 6, who for whatever reason was wearing a little eyeliner. I needed to keep reminding her to draw a card at the start her her turns; therefore, I guess it isn't necessary to provide extreme detail of this match.
G1: She had four backrow at one point, but I summoned Jinzo and took it.
G2: I used Heavy to clear two backrow and A Legendary Ocean, then recycled Caius with Swap Frog to banish her set monster and attack for 3400 three turns in a row.

After the game, I helped her pick up her cards when she dropped them. This entire round was so embarrassing... I hope this never happens to me again. :/

Round 3 vs Six Samurai
This is the same guy I played in Round 2 on 04/26/13. Oddly, I had a psychic vision about playing him this round, and I knew from walking around earlier that his deck choice had changed.
G1: He started with Gateway+United, but I Maxx "C"d him and he kept going for some odd reason. If he had just made Shock Master I probably would've lost really quickly, but he just never did. So eventually I grinded him into nothingness.
G2: I don't quite remember this one, but I know that I won and that it was much less scary than the previous game. Messenger put in some work for a single turn as well.


Round 4 vs Constellars
This is the same guy I played in Round 1 just last week.
G1: This was scary, since I didn't open with a Frog and he built up four monsters on board by using Sombre to get Pollux, who let him summon Algiedi, who let him summon Kaus (...or something like that). Luckily I Maxx "C"d him, and drew enough cards to help fight back against his swarm. He attacked into my Gorz, and Dark Dust cleared the field later. A key Heavy on his lone Mirror Force and recycling Gorz with Swap helped me seal it.
After this game, he gave me the match and decided to go hang with his fiancee. Sweet!


Round 5 vs Infernity
G1: I started by setting Treeborn, and he started by using Summoner Monk, which I Maxx "C"d. (Seriously, Maxx "C" was such a fucking lifesaver this week.) He summoned Grepher and used its effect, then went into Lavalval Chain to dump Archfiend. He set two cards, banished Street Patrol to summon Necromancer from his hand, then brought up Archfiend and set Barrier. He killed Treeborn with Archfiend, then attacked into my Gorz with Chain.
I Typhoon'd his Barrier, then tributed Treeborn to summon Raiza, spinning a backrow. Gorz attacked Chain, Raiza attacked Necromancer and my token suicided with Archfiend. He drew and set his backrow again. I drew - it was Jinzo! Perfect timing. I brought back Treeborn and summoned Jinzo with it, then activated Reborn on Treeborn and used Enemy Controller to take his Archfiend and OTK him with my three monsters. (This game might seem weird, but it's really a very rough memory so don't be surprised if some things don't add up. Just know that I won.)
G2: He started with a set monster and five backrow. I Heavy'd - even though I only destroyed one card I dealt him 4000 damage. ;) I discarded Treeborn to Special Swap, then tributed it to summon Raiza and spin a backrow and kill his Necromancer. Next turn he reset the backrow, then I drew - JINZO. I summoned him and attacked for game!

Probably one of the fastest actual matches I've ever played. Now if I could just beat ONE MORE person, I could top. Please let me win.

Round 6 vs Hieratics
I saw this guy playing early in the evening, and I think he was a bit new. But Hieratics can give anybody a win thanks to the unfairness of Drago, so I had to buckle down anyways.
G1: He had a slow hand, starting off with Cardcar D but then having to discard Nebthet on the next turn, which revealed to me his deck. I remember having to tribute summon Tragoedia and using its 3000 ATK to swing over his Strike Bounzer with two backrows. Besides that I don't quite remember this game, but I know I won fairly easily.
G2: I fucking hate Dimensional Fissure. The fact that I can't side out my three Typhoons that are useless otherwise just because of that ONE fucking card pisses me off. Anyways, I lost even though he misplayed by forgetting to re-activate Fissure after I spun it was Raiza, then activating his Red-Eyes effect which I Veilered. I didn't know at the time that I could chain Veiler to Fissure's re-activation, so if he hadn't made that mistake I probably would've lost faster.
G3: I started with Swap, awesome. After some thought, he started with a set monster and a single backrow. I drew - Vanity's Fiend. If I could keep this guy on the field, I would certainly win. I decided to use my Treeborn to summon it instead of Soul Exchange, and attacked... a Snowman Eater. I lost.


So this was the third week in a row of being close to topping but just barely missing. And this time, I could literally see my chances slipping through my grasp at the last possible moment that they could! Then, as nature's way of saying "fuck you," I pulled a Tefnuit from my Astral Pack. Needless to say, the drive home was completely silent. But 40 hours later, I think I've recovered from this terrible experience. The point is, I have to keep going. I have to keep working hard and try not to let these things bother me. All of the cards I got that night are on the left. Thanks for reading, and I'll hopefully see you all with another new post soon.

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