Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 Tin Reprint Speculation

What's up guys? So as I'm sure you know, interest in the 2013 tins has sparked after leaks came out that appear to show the Wave 1 cover cards, Blaster and Tidal. Along with this surge of interest, many people are also now starting to wonder what the reprints will be in each tin - myself included. So today, I'm going to run through a list of cards that I think might have a good chance of seeing a reprint in this cherished ritual of the Yugioh TCG, and give a short reason why.

Number 11: Big Eye
Easily one of the most demanded cards in the past few months, Big Eye can actually be made by a decent (and ever-growing) number of decks but remains in short supply. Since the Dragon Rulers happen to be one of the decks that can summon him and two of them have nearly been confirmed as Tin covers, it would make a LOT of sense for Big Eye to find his way into one of the tins.

Shooting Quasar Dragon, Blackship of Corn, Superdreadnought Railway Cannon Gustav Max, Kachi Kochi Dragon
These are all promo cards that are not only popular, but also currently unplayable in areas like Europe. It wouldn't be too surprising to see any of these appear, as it benefits both people who can't find them as promos and people across the world.

Ally of Justice - Catastor, Black Rose Dragon, Mist Wurm
This is a group of powerful Synchro Monsters that I believe could possibly see a reprint as cross-promotion to coincide with the release of the first core set Synchro monsters in years with Judgment of the Light. Not highly likely, but still possible.

Gear Gigant X, Mermail Abyssmegalo, High Priestess of Prophecy, Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear
These should all be self-explanatory, though I think Bear is a little less likely than the other three since it came out more recently. GGX might be a little more likely with the Gadget hype coming from Tin Goldfish's release.

Cardcar D, Forbidden Lance, Safe Zone
Each of these are cards used in a wide variety of decks, but have stubbornly maintained high prices for quite some time now. Cardcar is probably the most likely, as Konami has a penchant for reprinting Secrets, and especially ones that hit truly obscene prices.

So that's my speculation for now, guys. Think you know another card that has a chance? Leave a comment below. I'll keep you guys updated on any news that comes out on the tins and the future, and thanks for reading.

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