Friday, May 3, 2013

LTGY Review #1 - OCG Imports

Hey guys! Now that it seems we have very solid confirmation of the full spoiler, today I just wanted to take a moment and discuss the OCG imports for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy and how good of an addition I think they are to the set. So let's get started:

LTGY-EN090 Sonic Warrior
This card isn't just bad, it's also a giant exception to the general power and relevancy that the other OCG imports have. But whatever it takes to make the two metas match up.

LTGY-EN091 Constellar Omega
Now THIS is a lot more uniform. Omega is the final Xyz that Constellars don't have yet in the TCG, and a damn good one at that. 

LTGY-EN092 Number 69: Heraldic Emblem
The final Heraldic Beast card that needed a TCG release. It's actually not that amazing of a card, but a lot of people have wanted to see it come out.

LTGY-EN093 Constellar Sombre
Another major piece of the puzzle for Constellars, even more important than Omega. It's unclear if this pair of bright stars will take Constellars to the top, but know that the deck can reach full power now.

LTGY-EN094 Evilswarm Kerykeion
Like Sombre, this Evilswarm counterpart is a big part of what makes Evilswarm good. Now that they have this card, expect them to be able to top more reliably now. 

LTGY-EN095-097 Reactant, Stream, Burner and Lightning
Well, what can I say? The baby Dragon Rulers are coming to play, and while their playtime may well be our hell time, you can't deny that these choices are extremely relevant

LTGY-EN099 Duck Fighter
This card isn't exactly horrible, but like Sonic Warrior it's a somewhat jarring break from all the other influential cards. But not every single card can be broken or relevant, so I give this a pass as well.

So that's all! Given that about 7 out of 10 cards are extremely gamebreaking and will likely have a gigantic impact on the meta, I'm going to give this list of imports a 9 out of 10. Definitely one of the best (if not THE best) list of imports we've ever had. Thanks for reading!

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