Thursday, May 23, 2013

September 2013 Banlist???

Hey all! As I'm sure you've realized since the TCG release of LTGY, banlist speculation is running rampant far earlier than it normally would, as is typically the case with most overpowered formats. Today, I want to take a moment to give my opinion on how I'd personally handle the list this time around, but only in regards to the most powerful decks we have in the meta right now. Let me remind you before we start that this is only a watered-down replica of how I would personally do it, NOT how I believe Konami eventually will. Repeat: THESE ARE NOT PREDICTIONS. So here it is:

Cards in red are Banned, cards in blue are Limited, and cards in orange are Semi-Limited.

Dragon Rulers
Super Rejuvenation: No effect that gives multiple pluses this easily should be allowed, blah blah blah.

Gold Sarcophagus: This card was already pretty good since it allowed you to search your deck for... well, anything, but Dragon Rulers have made it too good as you can now search immediately to displace the two-turn -1 you would get normally. Getting an instant search plus the banished monster two turns later is just a bit too good to me.

Sacred Sword of Seven Stars: Although this card isn't seeing much play right now, it gets the hammer because it obviously will pick up steam once Rejuvenation and Sarcophagus are both hit. It's really a pretty powerful card in conjunction with the adult Dragons, but most people haven't realized just how good it is because it's still in the shadow of the two previous cards.

Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack & Number 11: Big Eye: These should be fairly obvious; being able to summon either one more than once per game is broken. Both are honestly somewhat banworthy, but I decided to limit them for now just because this list slows the format down quite a bit, and a slower format means a lot more viable answers to them like Bottomless and Torrential.

High Priestess of Prophecy: This card is just too good because she has her own Spell Cards that support her in addition to her useful self-summoning effect and Hyperion lessons. You can boost her ATK, protect her from removal, and revive her once she dies - then banish the same card to blow something up. Nope.

Spellbook of Wisdom: See Infestation Pandemic.

Spellbook of Secrets: You have Magician, you don't need this too.

Spellbook of Judgment: No.

The Grand Spellbook Tower: Drawing a card every turn while recycling your used Spellbooks = no. This is chiefly what makes Prophecy so unbeatable in the grind game and what basically forces you to do big damage quickly or lose.

Atlantean Dragoons: This searches too many things in addition to having 1800 ATK.

Mermail Abyssteus: This card gives Mermails crazy consistency and way too many options, in my opinion.

Mermail Abysslinde: This card is designed terribly apart from the fact that you can Bottomless her. Literally power creep at its finest (or worst), and it turns Abyss-sphere from good into out-fucking-standing.

Genex Undine: I bet you forgot all about this card, huh? It may not be seeing much play now, but just like Sacred Sword I would expect it to once the other cards here are hit. Normal summoning a card to destroy anything on the field just seems a little too good to me, especially when you can't even negate it.

Salvage: Instant +1 that lets you reuse your best monsters and change the grave to fit Moulinglacia? Yeah, let's put this at one.

Evilswarm Ophion: In a deck that likes to play a cowardly game of "protect this one card for as long as possible", I don't think it's very fair for you to be able to summon such a hard-to-get-rid-of card more than once in a given game.

Infestation Pandemic: Dress and Lance already exist, so I don't think it's fair for you to be able to use this (searchable!) version of them at three.

Level 3 Fire Fist
Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Bear: I'd rather this card be limited, but it's very easy to deal with in a vacuum and Tenki is being Semi'd as well, so I don't think it's too necessary.

Fire Formation - Tenki: Tenki is honestly too good to have at three, but in every deck other than Fire Fist it isn't broken enough to be Limited. So I'll spare it a limitation for the time being.

Rekindling: I don't know why this keeps escaping the list format after format since the release of Lavals, but I'm certainly not ignoring it. You shouldn't be able to summon a maximum of five monsters for no cost three times during a single game, period.

So that's all for now guys, thanks for reading and I'll see you later.


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