Tuesday, May 7, 2013



Hello, and welcome to another World-Premiere preview from Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy! This time, we have a card a lot of people were hyped up to see since its name was leaked last week. Here is Ghost Fairy Flfobia:

Ghost Fairy Elfobia
Wind / 3 / Psychic / 900 / 500
Once per turn: You can reveal 1 WIND monster in your hand; until the end of your opponent’s next Main Phase 1, monsters with a Level higher than the revealed monster cannot activate their effects.

It appears that they're continuing the basic "reveal a Wind monster, lock your opponent out" type of effect that began with Mystic Fairy Elfuria in the last set. Elfuria was really more of a Side Deck card, and this card appears to look best-suited for that same purpose. Let's quickly run down the pros and cons of Elfobia:

1. Can be summoned from the deck with Emergency Teleport; less of a need to draw and use your summon on her
2. Can help utterly wreck the high number of decks that rely on monster effects with a cost that doesn't really cost you anything (card advantage-wise)
3. Can help to summon Totem Bird, a potentially powerful card that's hard to bring out due to the currently small number of Level 3 Winds
4. She's a girl

1. Summoning her with Teleport nearly forces you to use her for something else or let her be banished, essentially making it a once per summon effect instead of once per turn
2. A lot of decks that can side this card can't even use Emergency Teleport (unless you plan on siding that too)
3. Without Teleport, you'll have to waste your Normal Summon on her (and actually DRAW her)
4. It's difficult to guarantee that you're going to have the right Wind monster in hand to shut your opponent down, or even another monster period
5. Revealing cards in hand to your opponent gives them free knowledge of your position in the game that they wouldn't have otherwise
6. Absolutely pathetic stats - you can almost never use this card on its own. She constantly has to be "babied" (you'll need other effects to keep her on the field).

3 (actual) pros and 6 cons isn't very good, guys. Like Elfuria, this card certainly has potential but is overall pretty disappointing. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you later!

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