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Locals Report - 05/17/13

Welcome to another local tournament report! Here's the deck I used this week:

What you're looking at here is a reconstruction of how my deck most likely looked at the time, because somehow I lost the original screenshot of it. As far as changes go, I was unexpectedly finally able to get a copy of both Treacherous and Gauntlet Launcher before the tournament which is absolutely excellent. I also cut Catastor from the Extra since it's pretty rare that you'd summon him. Other than that there's no other changes to report, so let's dive into the tournament.

Round 1 vs Constellars
This was my first time playing a guy that I've traded with a lot before, who actually gave me my Treacherous not long before the tournament started for a Rayquaza sprite that his girlfriend requested of me.
G1: I Maxx "C"d his turn 1 Tour Guide, then he drew poorly and multiple Raiza effects buried him after he was stuck with a useless Safe Zone (tried to chain it to my Soul Exchange, etc.)
G2: He didn't draw very well again and Dark Dust started screwing him late game, but I died from taking too many direct hits. I really wish Pollux could still be Veilered, but at least him using Fiendish on Swap Frog helped me a bit.
G3: I opened with heaven, basically. Something along the lines of Swap, Raiza, Veiler, Fader and two other cards. When he went for a Pleiades play, I Veilered Kaus after it had already changed Pollux to level 5, basically wasting his entire turn. When it came time, I Soul Taker'd his last monster on the field and performed a rare OTK.


Round 2 vs Evilswarm
G1: I drew really terribly.
G2: I drew really terribly.
I really hate losing matchups that are in my favor. It's like my deck just... didn't want me to win or something, simply by not allowing me to draw a single Frog the entire match. Plus I realized that there are actually way more cards in my main deck that suck against Evilswarm than I thought, so my siding plan was flawed.


Round 3 vs Photon/Galaxy
G1: He did some combo that called out Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon on turn 1, but that card is really not as good as it seems. Multiple Raiza effects, etc.
G2: He misplaying by trying to Reborn my Treeborn and then using Photon Sanctuary to go into GEPD, meanwhile my plays flowed well enough that it didn't matter that I had to waste a turn summoning Swap again to send the second Treeborn.


Round 4 vs Random Fire Fist
This guy's deck was literally just a mash-up of several random Fire Fists, including new cards like Leopard, Buffalo, Wolf, Rhino, and Kaiyou, so this match was not too difficult. Game 1 ended quickly when he attacked into my Gorz with his strongest monster first. Game 2 wasn't hard because both of his backrows ended up being Fire Formations. He was probably very new too, because he kept trying to tell me he should get his Hawk/Raven effect (forgot which) when Caius banished it. He literally kept telling me about three or four times "but when it's destroyed..." even though I kept telling him "It was NOT DESTROYED", so I guess he just didn't know that banish does not equal destroy. I couldn't write a story like this if I tried.

Public Service Announcement: If you have the opportunity, when you teach people how to duel please do everybody a favor and make sure they are well acquainted with how important terminology is to this game. Just because one action looks the same as another one, that doesn't mean that it is the same thing.

Round 5 vs Constellars
G1: Didn't draw any tribute fodder except for both Trags, one of which I got from Duality. After I burned through those, I lost.
G2: Opened with all three Veilers. I set one and sacked it for Jinzo like a pro, but I had to suicide him with Omega so it didn't matter that much. Outside of that, I had to hold it down for a bit and stall until I luckily drew Treeborn - too little, too late. My opponent tried to bounce him the next turn with Pleiades, but I chained Controller to take Pleiades and get Treeborn back on field, then sack them both for LADD. But he simply Torrential+Bottomless'd me, and I had no followup. Again, I guess my deck just didn't want me to win. 

Extremely likely that I lost my chance at topping, but I may as well play the last round I guess.

Round 6 vs Dragon Rulers
Ha, just kidding! The guy I was going to play (who helps out with organizing the tournaments and stuff) gave me the win because he didn't feel like playing. Good thing too, because I certainly wasn't in the mood to be run over by a dragon-shaped airplane.


He also told me that one x-2 might be able to top, so I stuck around to see if I might be the one. But alas, it was not meant to be. I'm actually not that upset about not topping this week, because when your deck just doesn't cooperate to the point that you can't play out of anything, there's nothing you can do. Plus, I feel like my main/side/extra are actually pretty good and don't need any huge changes or rethinking like I constantly felt that Agents did. Either way, here are all of the things that I got this week:

Thanks for reading, guys. Later!

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