Saturday, May 11, 2013

Blue-Eyes Struture Deck Review #1 - New Cards

Now that we have two more spoilers, today I'm going to discuss the new cards in the Blue-Eyes Structure. Although at this time we don't know how many new cards there will be, I feel like there's a decent chance that this deck will follow the precedent set by the past few Structures that typically max out at five newbies. That being said, let me give you my brief opinion of them so far:

Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon
Basically another "dragon rush" card, but not a terrible one since it at least guards against stuff like "I Torrential'd and you lost, HA HA" during the turn that it's summoned. And if you can't get it off the field by next turn, it brings a 3000 beater to make things even worse. 7/10.

Blue-Eyed Maiden
This card has gotten quite a lot of hype so far, and for good reason. If it is EVER targeted for an attack or effect, it brings out BEWD from nearly anywhere. It might seem simple to just Dark Hole or Smashing Ground her, but those cards won't always be there for you when you're facing her down. You can even bring out BEWD by targeting her with your own effects (Wonder Wand!!), which is just great. She's even a Tuner, so you can Synchro for Silver Dragon that much easier. 9/10.
Guard of the Storm Dragon
Most people are skeptical of Equip Cards, but this one is actually pretty decent. The main problem with Equips is that you're putting all of your eggs into one basket, making it easier for your opponent to pare down your card advantage. But since this card substitutes for the equipped monster's destruction, it's not quite as bad. You'll still have to watch out for things like Compulsory and Dimensional Prison, but overall this guy's not bad. 6/10.

Dragon's Mausoleum
I don't really think this does a whole lot for the Blue-Eyes deck specifically, but I guess if you're depending on Chaos monsters it could be pretty helpful. The combo with BEWD and The White Stone just doesn't seem that amazing to me, though it does "pay" for the loss of this card from your hand. There's always Eclipse Wyvern, too... Mainly, I just really like the artwork. 5/10.
Dragon's Soul Castle
This card is okay; it gives you a cool little damage step trick and lets you bring back banished Dragons relatively easily. But I don't think it's excessively amazing or anything. 5/10. 

That'll about wrap it up for now, guys. Thanks for reading!

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