Monday, May 27, 2013

Deck Changes: 05/24/13

If you were referred here by my latest local tournament report, then you already know what's up. If not, then hey! This is a separate post for me to briefly document all of the changes that occurred in my deck between 05/17/13 and 05/24/13. Here's a picture of my deck for reference:

Let's go ahead and get into the changes, with a brief explanation for each.

1. LADD was cut to one. I felt like two was too many to draw considering how easy it can be to get around sometimes. Plus, I found myself siding one out often against many decks.

2. After thinking about it, I feel like Ronintoadin doesn't really do anything spectacular for the deck.

3. I added a third copy of Treeborn, but since it didn't arrive in the mail yet you don't see it here. As much as I really don't want to run a third one, opening without either him or Swap Frog is essentially a very slow, annoying death sentence.

4. I added one copy of Swift Scarecrow. This is basically a fourth Battle Fader, which helps me to avoid OTKs even more than before and punish bad players more often.

1. I removed one DD Crow and one System Down for two copies of Electric Virus. Crow is good, but I found it to not really be used as often as I'd think. And System Down is a lifesaver in the rare situation that I bring it in and actually draw it, but it feels like dead weight since I bring it in so rarely. The primary reason for adding the viruses is that they help greatly against Dragon Rulers and Ophion while even maintaining usefulness against Machine decks.

 2. I got lucky and got my third Maxx "C" before the tournament, so I took out my one copy of Gravekeeper's Watcher for it. Watcher is a good card, but Maxx "C" counters so many more times more decks than Watcher does since it's really just for Dark World and the random alternate win here or there.

1. This is really more of a screw up than anything else, as I cut Ancient Fairy Dragon but forgot to put anything else in for it. I also forgot to put in my copy of Maestroke.

So that's all guys! Hope you enjoy the tournament report.

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