Saturday, December 21, 2013

Deck Profile: Frost and Flame Rulers - Version 2 [Sep 2013 Format]

Hey guys! Since a lot of the decks I've been playing lately were drastically altered (or possibly outright killed) by the upcoming January banlist, I'm going to post final deck profiles for those decks from the September 2013 format to chronicle what they looked like before their untimely demise.

First up, we have my beloved Frost and Flame Ruler deck. You'll notice that the version below is drastically different from the first one I posted, and we'll get into why in a moment. First, here's the list:

So the first thing you'll probably notice is that Magical Merchant is now making an appearance, despite the fact that I said before that a deck featuring him wasn't really my style. The main reason why I decided to switch over to a more mill-heavy build is simple: recruiters are slow. Although I still haven't had a good Merchant mill since I started playing this version, in theory he should be just enough to help get the ball rolling and make it easier to get the Dragon Rulers in the graveyard, as well as summoning them. Although he's a helpful card, I'm only running two since it's really, really hard to get good usage out of him after the first turn or two of a game. (You can't go into the middle of a modern-day conflict setting Flip Effect monsters, for christ's sake.) The inclusion of Magical Merchant also explains the huge drop in the number of Spell and Trap cards I'm playing, and the corresponding increase in monsters.

That one paragraph pretty much explains the vast majority of changes to the deck since last time, so there isn't much of a need to get into specifics. The Side Deck is completely unrefined, so don't pay too much attention to it although most of the cards have good chemistry with the main deck. I'm not sure if this deck will be playable next format. Losing Return and Sixth Sense hurts pretty badly for a "non-Tier" deck, and I'd need to find some sort of way to search Blaster and Tidal extremely quickly since they're such a focal point of the strategy. If that ever happens and this deck can still function into the New Year, then I'll let you guys know and bring you another deck profile. But until then, bid farewell to this strategy.

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