Friday, December 13, 2013

LVAL TCG Reveals, Official Rulebook Updates

We had a couple of news developments released yesterday covering some minor news here and there. Here are links with brief descriptions below:

Firstly, a picture was released to help promote the upcoming release of Legacy of the Valiant, and it reveals one OCG import for the set, Queen Angel of Roses, and confirms the release of Noble Knight Peredur, who was revealed a while back at the end of the Noble Knight Showcase.


Secondly, Konami released an article on their blog site on the eve of the banlist covering changes they've made to the rulebook that will affect upcoming releases and prints of older cards. The changes cover things like Fusion Summoning text, Equip Cards, sending things to the Graveyard, and how the new term Excavate is actually different from simply revealing cards from the deck.


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