Sunday, December 15, 2013

KEVIN SILVA WINS ARGCS ST. LOUIS!!! (& Coverage Highlights)

Congratulations to Kevin Silva, who just won the ARG Circuit Series in St. Louis, Missouri with his Dragon Ruler deck! Also, congrats to Skylar Hopkins who came in second place with his Fire Fist deck.

The total attendance for this event was about 159 players as evidenced by the Round 1 Standings, and it was possibly affected by winter weather and the figurative "end of the format" since the banlist was revealed the day before the event started.

There was a bit of controversy in this event resulting from Paul Cooper's performance in the Top Cut. Firstly, in the Top 8 his opponent (Jordan Winters) refused to side out Return, only Sixth Sense. Paul decided to side out both anyways - and still won. Next, in his Top 4 match against eventual finalist Skylar Hopkins, Skylar made a mistake by setting a monster the same turn he had Normal Summoned, having forgotten to flip Fire Formation - Tensu. After commentators Jeff Jones and Pat Hoban caught the mistake, this resulted in a long string of strange events that led to Skylar simply accepting a loss for that game, but the game continued as usual. (If you're getting confused here, don't worry because you're not the only one.) Paul ended up losing the game, which took the match straight to Game 3. In Game 3, Skylar had double Typhoon for Paul's double Skill Drain, and then won by beating Paul down extremely quickly with Fossil Dyna and Thunder King Rai-Oh. Easily one of the weirdest matches I've ever seen.

In other news, my fellow writers at managed to survive the Swiss Rounds! Jason Napier came in 33rd place with Evilswarm, and Jason Griggs came in 39th place with Fire Fist after the end of Round 8. Congrats to you guys!

A. Top Cut

Top 16 -
Top 16 Pairings -

8 Dragon Ruler
3 Mythic Ruler
1 Fire Fist
1 Prophecy
1 Geargia Karakuri
1 Dragunity Ruler
1 Tempest Dragunity

Top 8 -
4 Dragon Ruler
2 Mythic Ruler
1 Fire Fist
1 Geargia Karakuri

Top 4 -
2 Dragon Ruler
1 Fire Fist
1 Geargia Karakuri

B. Feature Matches

Round 1 - Blue-Eyes Rulers defeat Mythic Blue-Eyes Rulers

Round 2 - Dragon Rulers w/ Cardcar D defeat Mythic Rulers

Round 3 - Standard Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 4 - Blue-Eyes Rulers defeat Constellars w/ Mistake

Round 5 - Dragon Rulers defeat Constellars

Round 6 - Standard Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Top 8 - Geargia Karakuri defeats Mythic Rulers

Finals - Dragon Rulers defeat Fire Fist

C. Standings Updates

Standings after Round 1 -

Standings after Round 2 -

Standings after Round 3 -

Standings after Round 4 -

Standings after Round 5 -

Standings after Round 6 -

Standings after Round 7 -

Standings after Round 8 (Final Swiss Round) -

D. Miscellaneous

Total Deck Breakdown -

Top 10 Decks based on representation:
25 Dragon Ruler
14 Prophecy
12 Evilswarm
10 Constellar
9 Mythic Ruler
7 Dragunity Ruler
6 Mermail
6 Bujin
5 Fire Fist
5 Geargia Karakuri

Pre-Event Players Interviews (Part 1) -

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