Sunday, December 8, 2013


Congratulations to Sehabi Kheireddine, who just won the ARG Metro Series Montreal with Dragunity Rulers, defeating Dave Trepanier and his Thunder Family deck in the Finals! You may remember Kheireddine from a Top 4 finish with Blackwings at YCS Toronto in September, which feels like it happened about five years ago. This event was marked mainly by its low attendance, extremely diverse Top 16, and unusually sloppy coverage articles. This has been the smallest ARG event so far, with an estimated 127 people in attendance. Upcoming final exams for many high school and college students are believed to be part of the cause for this low number of participants. Continue reading for highlights of the online coverage article all collected in one place for your convenience!

A. Top Cut

Top 16 -

7 Dragon Ruler variants
3 Evilswarm
1 Blackwing
1 Frog Monarch
1 Geargia Karakuri
1 Thunder Family
1 Constellar
1 Prophecy

Update (12/10/13): Check out the Top 16 decklists!

At this time, no official numbers for the Top 8 have been released. However, we know that the following decks made it:
1 Dragon Ruler
2 Dragunity Ruler
1 Blackwing
1 Geargia Karakuri
1 Thunder Family

Top 4
2 Dragunity Ruler
1 Blackwing
1 Thunder Family

B. Feature Matches

Round 1 - Dragunity Rulers with Tidal defeat Plant Rulers

Round 3 - Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 4 - Dragon Ruler Mirror Match

Round 5 - Dragon Rulers defeat Jurracs

Round 6 - Thunder Family defeats Evilswarm

Round 8 - Dragon Rulers defeat Evilswarm

Top 16 - Dragunity Rulers defeat Dragon Rulers

Top 16 - Blackwings defeat Frog Monarchs

Top 8 - Thunder Family defeats Dragon Rulers

Top 8 - Blackwings defeat Geargia

Top 4 - Thunder Family defeats Blackwings

Top 4 - Dragunity Ruler Mirror Match

Finals - Dragunity Rulers defeat Thunder Family

C. Standings Updates

Standings after Round 6 -

Standings after Round 7 -

D. Miscellaneous Articles

Player Interviews -

Total Attendance Deck Breakdown -

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