Thursday, December 26, 2013

Deck Profile: Tempest Simorgh (#2) [Sep 2013 & Jan 2014 Formats]

Continuing on with my "soon to be stabbed in the heart" deck profile series, today we'll take a look at my Tempest Simorgh deck. You guys might remember this deck from September, and now it's back with some changes here and there that have helped make the strategy generally better. Check out the newest list:

If you've never seen this deck before and don't know what the hell is going on, refer back to the first profile for explanations of most of the cards. Here, I'll only be covering the big changes from that previous build. Here they are in a neat little list:

Drops: 1 Corsesca, 1 Mist Valley Soldier, 2 Summoner Monk, 1 Gorz, 2 Effect Veiler, 1 Consonance, 1 Stardust, 1 Colossal, 1 Master of Blades.

Additions: 1 Tetherwolf, 2 Spirit Reaper, 2 Maxx "C", 1 Sacred Sword, 2 Fiendish Chain, 1 Armory Arm, 1 Fortune Tune, 1 Alucard.

Let's go into detail!

Although previously I ran two Corsescas, it's a pretty awkward draw when you don't have some monsters or Consonance to pair it with. So with only one Corsesca, it was natural to go ahead and drop Consonance completely. It also made sense to drop the extra Level 8 Synchros, since I won't be needing them too much. I also dropped Master of Blades for a similar reason - two different Rank 7 options should be more than enough since I barely even summon them in the first place.

I decided to completely drop the Summoner Monk engine because it was pretty inconsistent and just not doing enough for me. With so much space opened up, I added Tetherwolf and a pair of Reapers, since both of them are good for building stable field presence while you wait to open up your combos.

I decided to switch from Veilers to Fiendish Chains since Chain also being able to stop attacks just makes Simorgh that much harder to kill. I didn't want to run the risk of drawing a dead Gorz with double Fiendish in the main, so I took him out, and that extra space finally gave me the chance to main Maxx "C" like I wanted to before. Since this deck desperately needs to draw into things and slow down your opponent, it's even better than I expected. Speaking of drawing, I noticed I was drawing dead copies of Simorgh and Tempest a little too often, so I decided to make some room for a second Sacred Sword and that's been good too. I'd almost run a third if I had the room.

As for the remaining Extra Deck additions, Armory Arm is a nice combo with your Simorgh and Tempest summons, and it's easier to summon now with more Level 3s in the deck. Fortune Tune is yet another nice stall option, and Alucard is a freaking CHAMP. Having a walking pair of Typhoons that you can pull out of your Extra Deck is extremely good, especially in a deck like this where you need to make sure Simorgh has a safe landing onto the field. Plus, he's another Dark monster to help make Simorgh more consistent.

Just like my Frost and Flame Ruler deck, you can play another version of this deck that focuses more on milling. In that case, you'd play cards like Magical Merchant, Lyla, Ryko, Charge of the Light Brigade, Chaos Sorcerer and BLS. I haven't designed an up-to-date version of that build yet though, partly because I really don't like milling strategies that much lol.

Out of all the decks that I play that got hurt by the banlist, this is probably the one that was hurt the least. So as a little bonus, here's a preliminary list that I put together for the upcoming January 2014 format! It doesn't have any testing yet, but this is what I plan to start off with. Triple Tour Guide should be able to help this deck a bit!

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