Tuesday, December 24, 2013

January 2014 Yugioh Day, BP02 Reinforcements, Star Pack 2014

A few short news updates for today!

1. Yugioh Day Returns in January 2014

If you don't remember Yugioh Day, don't worry because you're not the only one. It was announced back in July, but we haven't heard much about it since. Apparently, the day will be coming back on Saturday, January 25 to select OTS locations where you can win both the amazing looking mat pictured above and a new Zane Truesdale token card.

Source: http://ygorganization.com/tcg-jan-ygo-day/

2. War of the Giants Reinforcements

Remember all of the exciting add-on cards that are set to make Battle Pack 2 - Round 2 so interesting and unique? Well, starting January 17 (the same day as the release of the Round 2 box sets), those cards can be bought in their own standalone product, known as "War of the Giants Reinforcements." This is great for circumventing the problem of being forced to pay $20 just for a 1-in-5 shot at pulling any of the five compelling reprints. Each single pack will contain 16 cards, and we can probably assume that they'll be the same "1 Ultra, 6 Supers, 9 Commons" configuration from the original add-on pack in the Round 2 boxes.

There's no official word on how much each individual pack will cost in the US right now, but the retail source appears to list each pack as costing about seven Euros for Europe, which translates to $9.56 here in America. $9 per pack isn't too great, but it's still a big improvement over $20 if you're only looking for the new add-on cards.

Source: http://ygorganization.com/bp02-reinforce/

3. Small Star Pack 2014 announcement

We have a little bit more news on the upcoming Star Pack 2014. Similar to last year's initial offering, it'll have 50 cards total and 38 of those will be from Yugioh Zexal. The other 12 cards are described as being "legacy cards" that aren't tied to Zexal but rather are connected to the history of the game. Currently, Odin and Thor are confirmed to be a part of these 12 cards. Look for this pack to start hitting shelves in February 2014.

Source: http://ygorganization.com/tcg-star-pack-2014-news/

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