Friday, November 8, 2013

Big Eye, High Priestess & Vajrayana in BP02 Round 2; RUM Barian's Force in 2013 Wave 2 Tins

Two big reprint stories for you guys today!

The Battle Pack 2 Round 2 special that I've covered before was mentioned to have a specific pack of promo cards containing 1 Ultra, 6 Supers and 9 Commons. I mentioned before that the Ultras would likely be desired reprints, and today they were revealed on the official blog. There are five of them, and they are as follows:

-Fog King
-High Priestess of Prophecy
-Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana
-Number 11: Big Eye
-Safe Zone


That's right - I'm not lying to you.

Now for some commentary. If there's anything we can gather from this, it's that Konami REALLY wants you to try drafting and Sealed Play in general. Any veteran player will recognize the above cards as being the subject of intense desire for quite some time now, with the exception of Fog King (and even he still costs a lot). They don't really care about making things cheaper for the average player that much, because as you read above, you get only one Ultra per box. You have to spend $20 just for a shot at getting one of these cards, so their prices probably won't drop too far below $20. And while paying $20 is a huge improvement over, say, $67, it's still pretty damn expensive for some pieces of paper.

So it's not really about making these cards cheaper as much as it's about pulling your asses to the store and reaching into your pockets for that precious, precious money. To me, today's story is undeniable proof that when it comes to Konami's pet projects, they really pull out all of the stops. (You know, just in case Noble Knights weren't enough proof of that.)

Just for fun, here are the current highest prices of these cards on Troll and Toad. Let's watch them drop together!

Fog King - 29.49
High Priestess of Prophecy - 52.99
Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana - 41.99
Number 11: Big Eye - 67.99
Safe Zone - 24.99


Our second big story from today is the reveal of the "joint promo" from the upcoming Wave 2 Tins - the card that you'll get no matter if you buy a Redox or Tempest tin. As you saw in the title, this card is none other than Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force, which is honestly really disappointing for me personally. But to be fair, this will probably be a hotly desired reprint since so many people play Chaos Xyz that the price of this card, an Ultra from LTGY, must be really high!

Oh that's right. It's going for 4.19 at the highest on Troll and Toad at the time of this writing.

Now excuse me, but the last I checked I could've sworn they actually cared about selling these Tins... maybe not this time around. Of course, it's still a little too early to pass judgment on this crop of promos since we only know four of the nine total (Tempest, Redox, Diamond Dire Wolf, and Barian's Force). That being said, it's a little strange how there's two weeks until release and over half of the promos are still unknown, but I guess they decided to just focus on previewing Shadow Specters and Battle Pack 2 Round 2 instead. So on second thought, maybe they really don't care about this particular pair of tins that much...



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