Friday, November 29, 2013

11/22/13 Locals Report: Bird Taming Continues

After more than a month, it's finally time for another local tournament report! The deck I used is the exact same as last time, so let's get started.

Round 1 vs Mythic Rulers

G1: Pretty much lost to Felgrand.

G2: I opened pretty strongly this game. In addition to having Mind Crush for his Ravine and Fiendish to stop Tree's effect, I had Iron Wall which slowed him down a lot even though it was eventually Typhooned.

G3: I took a lot of damage while under Decree, but I used Kalut + Gale to go into Zenmaines, crash into Blaster and take down Decree, freeing all four of my traps. This game basically came down to one play: His Colossal Fighter attacked into my Zenmaines to come back at full strength (I cut it with Gale the turn before). I let that attack go. When he attacked again for game, I activated Compulsory and he chained Trap Stun. Had I known he had Trap Stun, I would've played Fiendish (or hell, even Mirror Force) instead and then chained Compulsory to his Trap Stun to kill Fighter anyways. But I just didn't know he had it.


Round 2 vs Mermails

G1: Controlling this game was not too hard. I don't really remember it though.

G2: I scooped after he brought out Dracossack and it would've taken me too long to get over it.

G3: I won in time since his Megalo's attacks just weren't enough to break my field or deal me enough damage.


Round 3 vs Bahamut Mermails

G1: Scooped after my opponent got too much ground on me.

G2: Had backrow for pretty much every big play he tried to make, then I just beat him down with Psyhemuth for game.

G3: I opened with double Whirlwind, but Kalut was my only summon. Nevertheless, I threw him out and grabbed Gale and Blizzard. My opponent scooped after a couple turns of just sitting back and taking attacks from Kalut while having no plays.


Round 4 vs Gravekeepers

G1: I felt like this game was totally in my reach until he topped Stele and grinded from there. Also, I attacked a Spy while thinking it was a Recruiter. There's really no way to tell, lol.

G2: Scrap Dragon is a fucking BEAST. I won this one when my opponent made a farewell attack into my Bora and I literally dropped all three Kaluts for game.

G3: Once again: Scrap Dragon is a mother. fucking. BEAST. It's funny how I was just thinking about cutting this card in the hours leading up to the tournament.


Round 5 vs Dragunity Rulers
This is the same guy I defeated in Round 4 of the last tournament. For some odd reason, I've been thinking constantly about the next time we'd play ever since then, and wondering if I'd be able to repeat my win from last time.

G1: I started with double Whirlwind and Zephyros, but eventually got sacked by Return AGAIN. I hate that card, and I hate Rank 7s.

G2: Pretty much lost to Decree + Stardust. Each time I tried to get some plays going, he'd either Book my monster or Typhoon my Whirlwind. It's hard to be mad about losing a match this way; I don't really think there was anything I could do.


When I went to go get my Astral Pack, our TO told me that I was currently in 11th place and that I should stay and see if I might top, just in case. Even though it was unlikely, I had nothing better to do, so I decided to go ahead and stay. A little while later, I found out that I did not in fact top. I hate to leave things on a sour note again, but I'll have another locals report for you guys very soon, so stay tuned for that.

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