Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shadow Specters Special Edition Promos REVEALED

An online retailer posted the details for the upcoming Shadow Specters Special Edition today, revealing that the promos would be none other than Stardust Dragon and Tuning! Stardust is obviously a questionable choice, but Tuning is part of the Starstrike Blast-era gang of cards that are notoriously more expensive than they should be due to that set never having had a second-run print. Konami is fixing this issue one card at a time, and now Tuning looks to be the latest card to follow in that trend. Be sure to pick up your copies when the Special Edition goes on sale starting December 13.

The highest price I found for Tuning on Troll and Toad is $20.99. Let's watch it drop together!

Source: http://the808blog.com/yugioh-tcg/2484

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