Saturday, November 23, 2013

Primal Origin: Best Set Ever?

So news broke a few days or a week or two ago that Primal Origin would include legacy support for at least eight different decks or themes. These are the ones that we know for sure are getting support:

Dark World
Gladiator Beasts
Koa'ki Meiru
Hazy Flames
Mecha Phantom Beasts

I hadn't reported on this initially due to the sheer lack of details on the cards (we have no confirmation of their effects due to Konami trying to surprise us with sets again), but I think this is worth bringing up because apparently something clicked in Konami's heads and they're doing something right yet again, or at least in my opinion they are. This has been a really good year for Yugioh on the political front, thanks to the massive banlist changes, ARG Circuit Series, and sets with generally more and more good cards.

They've known for a long time that people really lose it over legacy support, but I hope this becomes a regular thing. Is it too much to say that maybe every set should have something like this from now on? By that, I mean that in every set five to ten decks that aren't currently getting support should get one or two new cards to make them better. I think this would make the game much more fun, and I think there are a lot of players out there who would agree with me. After all, everybody likes having more choices for decks to play, and getting updates is a good way to make more decks playable.

If anything new comes up with these cards or Primal Origin in general, I'll update you guys once I find out. Thanks for reading!

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