Monday, November 25, 2013

God damn it Felgrand, you had one job.

God damn it, Felgrand.

You had one job: become the first truly great Rank 8 boss monster. Because of this, you would promote Rank 8 summoning and make a couple of the anime cards in SHSP better than they would be otherwise.

But you went and fucked it up by supporting no fewer than two of the most hated decks in dueling: Dragon Rulers and Dark World.



just fucking why


Just in case you didn't quite notice, this is just a post for fun. I'm aware of the fact that Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand didn't voluntarily choose to be played in whatever it's played in, it's just something else that's kind of frustrating when you really think about it, you know? Who the hell wanted Dark World to have a new Rank 8?

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