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10/25/13 Locals Report: Unbelievable.

Welcome to another local tournament report! As you can see below, my Blackwing deck has changed somewhat significantly since my last tournament. In the interest of saving you from a gigantic post, you can read about those changes here if you're interested. Anyways, let's get on to the tournament!

Round 1 vs Prophecy
Prophecy is a scary deck, but my opponent is pretty new to Yugioh so I figured I'd have a fighting chance.

G1: If I had a dollar for every time somebody tried to activate Spellbook of the Master without a Spellcaster on the field, I wouldn't be in college anymore lol. But other than that I don't remember this game too well, except that I had Fiendish for his Magician to keep him from doing much, then took out his Tower and won without much trouble.

G2: I started with Shura + Whirlwind, but he stopped it with Compulsory. Next turn I drew another Whirlwind, so I summoned Shura, searched two Boras, then summoned them both along with my third Bora and Gale that were already in-hand. OTK!


Round 2 vs Mermails

G1: This game was pretty long, but Zenmaines + Dweller is pretty good. Plus, my opponent didn't draw very well despite using Common Charity and Allure.

G2: I scooped after he summoned Dracossack and used it to kill Soul Drain.

G3: This game started in time. I began with Shura and four backrows (later five), and he started with a set monster and later set three. All four turns were exhausted quickly, as neither of us wanted to attack. I then drew a second copy of Shura, which I used with the first one to summon Cowboy and get it!

This is the first time I've ever beaten this guy. Pretty amazing!

Round 3 vs Bujin

G1: The longer you play against this deck, the more of a stranglehold it gets on you. When he played a second Colosseum after it took me forever to answer the first one, I just scooped.

G2: This went back and forth, but eventually I got it after having repeatedly destabilized Yamato, and having Mind Crush for his Bujincarnation. Mind Crush is way too good.

G3: This went into sudden death. I don't know this for sure, but it might have been better to set my Zephyros and use it with Icarus instead of setting Spirit Reaper and trying to pull that off on the following turn. I just didn't want to risk being exposed with no defensive backrows. Anyways, my opponent broke through Reaper by using Lance, allowing his Crane to attack for the win.


Round 4 vs Dragunity Rulers

G1: My opponent started with Ptolemy, Stardust, Ravine and two backrows. I began with Allure, which got me a copy of Gale. I performed my favorite play, summoning Sirocco and then Special Summoning Gale. I used Gale to cut Stardust, then went into Crimson Blader and smashed the shit out of Ptolemy (it kind of sucks to kill your favorite cards in battle). Because of Blader constantly rampaging my opponent was unable to do much, but I eventually had to kill it and my Zephyros with Torrential after a turn when it had no monster to kill in order to stop his plays. But by this point, he was at 350 while I had 9000 (Upstart). I activated Whirlwind on my next turn and summoned Kalut, but he used Phoenix Wing to stop it. What I should have done here is return Whirlwind to summon Zephyros and attack for game, but I forgot. (Edit: Nevermind, he would've just used Return to defend himself against Zephyros. It would've still been better to force him to use Return defensively rather than offensively though.) Then, I lost to Return on my next turn. Because that's completely and totally fair.

G2: I don't remember exactly how, but I won this one. The only things I think I remember are using Psyhemuth to take out his Colossal Fighter, and rolling a 6 for his Sixth Sense when he called 3 and 4, thereby milling at least four Dragon Rulers.

G3: My opponent couldn't keep Ravine access, and all of the Dragon Rulers stayed locked up in his deck for the entire game. This time I didn't forget about Zephyros, and used it and Psyhemuth to attack for game while Zenmaines chilled and watched.

Again, I defeated a very good player for the first time! And this time, it was with possibly the best deck of the format. I took a break after this match to give my eyes a chance to stop stinging.

Round 5 vs Archfiends

G1: This game seemed to be mine, but his deck has a LOT of draw power thanks to Trade-In and Advance Draw. He eventually dropped Dark Armed and I had no answer to it.

G2: This game seemed lost at first, but I eventually won somehow.

G3: I opened with Crow, and used it to successfully stop a Roar play! However, this went into time. It seemed bad for a second, but my opponent used Reckless while in time, and I was able to do some attacks that got his life below mine by about 1800. But on the last turn of time, he summoned Armageddon and dropped a third Dark, allowing him to summon Dark Armed. I scooped, knowing it would just blow right through my Psyhemuth, Dimensional Prison and Whirlwind - something that would ordinarily have been a good setup for that situation.

I honestly couldn't believe it. After all of that hard work, I lost to a single card. I really hate this fucking game sometimes.

The only cards I got on this night were a copy of Skill Drain that I needed for my side, and Gallatin, Lacooda and IQA from my Astral Pack. If there's anything I took from this experience, it's that last time's lesson of Blackwings being resilient as hell was NOT a joke. Til next time, guys!

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